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Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

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1129. I might have already mentioned it explicitly, and I for sure mentioned littering mod but:

  • Chip Bags should leave bags usable as container (Neo Scavenger vibes anyone?) that you can hold in hand.
  • Empty pop cans should hold water
  • Empty tin cans should hold water and be able to gather it when it's raining

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1130. I have tossed this in other places, but I'm going to put it here.

Tackling Zombies. Runners who are too uncoordinated to actually stop. If the player dodges the Zombie, it trips as it tries to stop. If the player doesn't dodge the Zombie, they and the Zombie are both knocked to the ground.

Perhaps this would be a very rare zombie type, perhaps it would be an adjustable sandbox option. It would certainly put a new fear of zombies into veteran players if they knew a runner could take them out like this. New players are already scared of runners.

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Farming is dull and currently more resembles how I take care of my house plants.


Revamp with existing mechanics for more depth


1131. Farm tiles should create farm cells, such as forest and water cells and will have natures abundance. It is the players objective to forage the farm cell of pests keeping natural abundance less than a threshold to avoid existing diseases. This removes random chance and provides resource opportunities potentially not otherwise presented to the player.

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Posted this on my thread but worth the shot, i guess:



1) I assume there will be a party system, correct me if i'm wrong. If not this is a suggestion.




2) Afaik, professions have some unique traits that benefit the player, i suggest for multiplayer mode a revamp of professions in a collective sense, providing passive buffs for the group, for example:


2.1) A Doctor would have the unique trait of providing the hability for players around him, in his group, to identify how long will it take to heal wounds, showing a timer in the health menu. Also, maybe, he could indentify if a infection is a zombification or not. 


2.2) A Police officer would have the passive hability of lowering the panic rate of people around him


2.3) A fitness instructor would raise the xp gained of fitness training of people around him. Making strength and fitness gains when working out faster.


2.4)  A veteran would buff by a set percentage the speed everyone improves with ranged weapons


2.5)  Making nurses threat wounds of everyone, better, and with a faster healing rate. (I work as a heathcare provider and making nurses threat wounds better than doctors is a realistic thing to do, doctors identify and prescribe, nurses changing bandages is everyday life.)


Just a few examples



Extra: please make us able to sit on couches and chairs, would love to roleplay with the boys. 



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