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Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

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Currently wound infections (not the zombie virus) are negligible and do nothing.

I suggest that untreated wound infections should have a large chance to cause sickness (with the Resilient trait lowering that chance and Prone to Illness increasing the change of getting sick).

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Electricity (I think we should have more options for this skill)

738. Let players make electrical installations in buildings, inside or outside them.
739.Possibility to plug outside lights with an electrical installation with electric cables.
740.Energy machinery like small wind turbines. I'm not going to suggest solar pannels because in the story line the year is 1990 I think, but I would love to have them maybe in the future.
741.Clean clothes using washing machines and dryers. Possibility to use them in the future with generators and your electric skill.
742. Use of batteries, for example to turn on lights, use microwaves, etc. Players could charge batteries with generators. 


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740.Energy machinery like small wind turbines. I'm not going to suggest solar pannels because in the story line the year is 1990 I think, but I would love to have them maybe in the future.


Wind turbines would go great with the upcoming weather overhaul (wind variable).





Small art/item request.


a) Separate art/item for car radios (also they don't have batteries in them):









b) Separate art/item for car light bulbs so they are not interchangeable with a bedside table lamps and others :) 









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TV should teach Recipes to craft and other functions as well as teach other skills. maybe some more tv channels.




Stones should be found when digging. Digging graves should obtain stones and worms.




Salmon as a type of fish to catch when fishing




Toasters in more houses




VCR players as electronics to dismantle maybe as well as watching movies to reduce survivor from getting  bored and unhappy.



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Ability to fold down back seats (or just take them out entirely) in family cars and vans with multiple rows of seats to make the trunk space larger (saves the hassle of filling the back seats).




Car headlights cone of light should be MUCH wider and longer. It's close to useless now with the flashlight-like cone of light.

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Random keys in zombies

Zombies only drop keys if we kill them inside a house, and the key is from that house always.

It'd be great if it was more random.




Less obvious zombification

When we have a scratch, if we heal up and wait a few hours, we can know if we are infected or not, simply by checking if we get the "OK" message on the health panel.

This should be like with hypochondriac trait, getting sick randomly and not receiving the "OK" message until the wound heals completely.




Ability to repair walls

I guess a highly requested suggestion...

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This may pop up with "more clothes" after the animation update, but



Items can be equipped on the person - "key ring, watch, etc." thereby not cluttering up the inventory screen

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Not sure if these were already mentioned, but here we go:



Make larger zoomlevels available. I want to zoom out a lot so I can actually check if a street ahead will be clear or not. Viewing distance of the ingame character is bigger than the area the player can see when zoomed out to the highest level.



Show a zombie counter in the HUD/GUI. Because I want to see it and not always have to click through the menues.



Add a game mode for singleplayer in which zombiespawn will be turned off so a player could actually clear out the whole map. There should be a bar that allows you to enter a number for how many zeds should be on the map from the start, like something between 1 zed and 10 million zeds. These should spawn only when the player gets to a new location so it wouldn't take years to start a new game. Add an ingame counter how many zeds are still left on the map. 

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On 5/29/2018 at 10:47 PM, Ornament said:

Throwing stones to distract zombies.

Expanding on this^ suggestion plus my own

More throwable items to distract zombies

  • stones (755)
  • empty tin/pop can
  • sparklers/box of sparklers
  • sports equipment, give all the useless balls and such a use
  • Bell +ability to ring it to draw zombies towards you

Use coldpack to reduce pain moodle.


Use toys to reduce unhappiness, stress, boredom

Use crayons to write in notebooks, journals, paper and maps

+red and blue pens



Clean blood with a sponge, like the mop


Add socks, red wine and chardonnay to molotov cocktail recipe. Pretty sure socks used to be a thing...

Empty wine and chardonnay bottles refillable with water.

Disarmable security/home alarm, requiring a certain electrical skill, and give player the home alarm item after disarming.

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30 minutes ago, EUDOXIO said:


Its time to give some love to the Barrels. To store liquids like water or fuel. With a bit of metalwork skill you can use them as barrel bonfires. And also make scraps for Metalwork from them.



Yeah, I'd like the fire-in-a-barrel back. A sad casualty of metalworking.

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Bit of genius from @Gennadios:

I always thought the game should organically progress, with the game starting out with high densities of zomboids in the populated areas, and then have the density map equalize over time to model zombies migrating in all directions.

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773 - More kinds of crops to grow like Lettuce, Leeks, Watermelon, eggplant, onions, peas, Zucchini, corn and bell peppers. 

774- Water melon chunks used in a fruit salad recipe.

775- Potatoes spawning in fridges and produce bins loot tables around the map instead of just farming. 

776- Avocado is a fruit not a vegetable.

777- Transmissions and radiators as a type of car part.

778- uninstalling and installing cars heater . 

779- Toilet water should be tainted to where you will need to boil it. 

180- Traffic pileups should have wrecked cars models, more workable cars to loot, siphon gas as well as car parts to salvage instead of mostly bunted out cars.

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Vehicles-update related:


781 - Maybe more customization options for cars with the metalworking and mechanics skill - reinforcing parts (or even spiking so hitting zombies cause less damage), replacing windows with metal sheets, removing systems, all costing or adding speed of course. It would also add some synergy between metalworking and mechanic.


782 - Make engines/horns attract more zombies? I've been driving right next to zeds and they don't move much. Same thing for honking with for distant groups of zeds.


783 - If it isn't in already: Road signs more than just "stop" signs. Sings for nearby gas stations and cities, restaurants, malls and other "public" buildings. Distance to other cities and direction - the kind of stuff that's standard in roads.


784 - Functional garage doors and the option to build an equivalent for your base (it would be much easier to raid that warehouse if you can actually use their garage doors, park inside and hole up while you fill the car). Now that we have vehicles I think that's a bit urgent.


785 - Some use for concrete - we could pave garages for the cars, since off-road damages cars.

Unrelated to the vehicles update

786 - Option to reopen non-full or partially-filled graves. (I filled a grave once, accidentally, that was 0/0).


787 - Option to bury trash/items. A lot of times tons of items I don't want to use just end up lying around.


788 - Ability to make regular stones in chipped stones with a hammer.


789 - Ability of cleaning grass from concrete/roads.


790 - Building locks for doors so you can lock/unlock any door you build.


791 - There got to be a better way to stockpile stuff so you know where stuff is. Maybe use paint to paint symbols in crates?


792 - Vital: try to end the fragmentation of the modding community that  steam workshop integration brought. With steam workshop downloader sites not working for PZ, and for people like me that have a DRM-free version, we are basically locked out of somew mods.


Also reinforcing 770. The ability of picking up barels, opening them to store water or using them to store fuel would be a given.

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794: i noticed some garage/lock up doors are not openable to access the room that is not accessible - just make a garage/lock up door workable

795: elevator - i noticed the elevator door and call button does not work but could create a workable elevator eg has power (electrical) or from genantor - if elevator has no power - the doors should be able to be forced open

796: double commerical Sliding doors - i think its time to add those doors - unlike ones that found in houses - the doors can be opened by automatic sensors

797: trains - drive trains on rails

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On 21/06/2018 at 3:45 AM, Tails said:

779- Toilet water should be tainted to where you will need to boil it. 

I always thought t he main source of water from toilet would be the one from the toilet tank, and not the main one.

800. Ability to light cigarettes without a matches/lighter when in car (using cigarette lighter receptacle).

801. Zombies currently drop cigarettes, but no lighters or matches (and these should even be more common, as some non-smokers could carry some).

802. Ability to light cigarettes and BBQs with Notched Wooden Plank + Sturdy stick (ideally nerf that combination to take a lot of time and tire player as it's IRL, heck maybe even limit it to a knowledge or something to give more incentive to actually light fire with matches and lighters, including in campfires as it's in real life) 

803. I guess it was suggested somewhere in various places, but since I can't find it at worst I'll repeat: plates to put prepared food from baking trays and frying pans (someone suggested bowls as well, as we do with soups/stews, but plates are what's ultimately missing from Zomboid and is used for this purpuse) – this would allow to cook something and free the dishes.

804. "Realistic" dices (/roll command) – since you need a dice to use the command, why not make it realistic? Currently you can roll "0" on it and values up to 100. 6-sided dice should only roll 1-6 but you can add more dices common from RPG systems: 4-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 20-sided (and there's nothing more 1993 like dices from Advanced Dungeons and Zombies pan and paper in Zomboid ;)). Also, a coin to toss for head/tails instead of /roll 2 (would be funny if you'd added a 1:6000 chance for it to land on edge). I don't find the real need to, but technically you can also adapt /roll 100 with 2x10-sided dices. While at it,I think it would be better to move the /roll and /card commands to right click, as I think people can often miss an use for those "junk" items (can you even use them in SP too? They even have sound effects!)
805. Multi-stage building for fences and furniture.

806. Hidden radio frequencies should be random for each world/server, just like berries.

807. Cycle through headlight modes in car (long, short, antifog, parking) – antifog one would be certainly useful in the upcoming patch.

808. Vehicles should be listed as a favourite weapon (they already count toward the kill count).

809. Start the car engine when pressing "S" (similar how "W" starts it), ideally both options should be possible to disable in options, just like reloading difficulty is present807. Magazines with TV (and radio) schedules, so you know where to watch that skill-giving show or lore bits news (ideally should be random for each world).

810. Holding "E" should open/close doors in vehicles.

811. Ability to turn radio without accessing the radial menu – currently there's no even hotkey for it (heater is not on dashboard, but can be turn on via hotkey, so can exiting from vehicle I wrote about).

812. Convenient place to see all the Open and Lock buttons in the car in the vehicle inspects – currently you have to click each door, trunk and hood manually.

813. Ability to rebind the key that brings focus to multiplayer chat (currently TAB), though some things may change for that in the upcoming MP chat overhaul.

814. Ability to bind key that exits to menu and key that cancel the action, separately (both are currently bound to ESC as of recent patches and there's no ability to go to menu without canceling action, say sleeping in MP).

815. Ability to disable hotkey to bring curtains up and down from "E" (by default) - I sometimes pull them instead of opening/closing window.

816. Holding E should open/close doors in vehicles.

817. Add boredom when eating the same/similar foods over and over (didn't I suggested it somewhere? can't find it).

818. Someone suggested already that putting items in campfire should destroy them (maybe even add some burning time to campfire, bbqs etc? A new system that would possibly even replace adding fuel? Would be handy way to get rid of broken stone axes), but adding to that, items put in microwave and oven should burn too, as well as pose fire risk (I think I read somewhere about using metal in microwave causing fires in zomboid, but I tested it and it didn't work; maybe it was a suggestion?).

819. I'm pretty sure it was suggested before, but reduce the spawn rate of hammers – as opposed to elusive fireaxes I never had reason to craft stone hammer, as I'm always drowning in hammers (and hammers are not used up when building, as opposed to axes).

820. More use for regular stone (so far I love as it's used in making graves, but too bad it doesn't double as barricade, as I always have tons of them from foraging) – someone suggested chipping them out, too, before, and someone suggested using them as distraction/ammo for sling, which would be handy too.

821. I think I suggested that before (or someone else did?), but can't find it, so sorry if I repeat myself: tools should be damaged after in each use in building/crafting/whatever.

822. Same as above, sorry if I repeat myself, drainable items should be sorted by uses remaining (or weight, but not all drainables currently properly reduce weight).

823. Showing progress of book read as a "drainable" bar (actually opposite of drainable, similar to filling up containers with water).

824. Some unification about the item properties – currently we have icons (poison, frozen, broken weapons), colored bar (cold/hot food), "drainable" bar (drainable items, water containers, nutrition value, cooking/burning time, (de)frozing time, durability) and suffixes (dirty/bloody clothes – someone suggested changing that for icon before, broken weapons, fresh/rotten food)

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