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Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

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Revise the radio range.
Now the stationary radio station operates within a radius of only 5 km! This is very small. Do at least 20 km for it. In multiplayer it is very difficult (impossible) to communicate with other players located in other cities at a great distance.


At the moment they are practically useless.

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594. Doctor Profession changes

1) Doctor Profession = Perks cost reduction (character creation)

When you select Doctor, the cost of Herbalist / Nutritionist is reduced by one (maybe two) ; afterall, it's more than possible you get some additionnal formation (or more accurate informations) on these as a doctor. The cost reduction reflect it, but you also can just don't use that benefit.

2) Doctor Profession = Gain the Trait "Trained Healer"

This Profession Trait give the following bonuses to the character =

 2a) Reduce healing time for all wounds treated by Doctor (Basically, give to the profession a similar effect as "comfrey poultice" [Could be cumulative]).

 2b) Faster Medical options (bandage, remove bullet, glass shard, Medical Inspection, etc.) : half time required (-50% ; maybe onlt -25% ?).

 2c) New Option when you click Health panel (yours or others, via Medical Inspection) ; "Maintain general wellfare" = Instantly trigger the equivalant of "Slightly fed" bonus (or add similar amount of points to the said Moodle) but for twice the usual duration.

 2d) New Option when you click Health panel (yours or others, via Medical Inspection) ; "General Body care" = Instantly remove one level [equivalant points, round up] to all the Negative physical Moodle (Cold, Endurance, Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, Injured, In Pain, Sick, Tired). You can't use this option for a specific target more than one time/day (can't be cumulative if more than one Doctor use it on the same person).

 2e) [Maybe] New Option when you click Health panel (yours or others, via Medical Inspection) ; "General Mental care" = Instantly remove one level [equivalant points, round up] to all the Negative mental Moodle (Stress, Bored, Unhappiness, Panic). You can't use this option for a specific target more than one time/day (can't be cumulative if more than one Doctor use it on the same person).

3) Doctor Profession = New Cost

To reflect the benefis added, the cost for that profession change from the actul +2 creation's points to -2.

4) Improvised Medical garrote (with some of those "belt") ; stop blood loss.

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595.More variety To motor vehicle's

1. (Tractor's) Plenty of farms around kentucky 

2. (Golf carts) With the country club and all

3. (Big Semi Trucks) Perfect for Clearing a horde of zombies

4. (Armored Transports) Military and or Bank With Fortknox being in the near vicinity


          The List Really could go on And on 

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597. Axes, hammers and other metal tools with wooden handles shouldn't just break the way they do. Proposed solutions:
  a) A broken metal headed tool is replaced with a metal head (eg Axe head, Hammer head, Sledgehammer head) and a "broken handle". The broken handle can be repaired as normal and become a tool handle. You can then haft the tool head to a tool handle, consuming either ripped sheets, nails, wood glue, or some combination. The durability should reflect the quality of the items used. (Alternatively, just having Tool Handle and giving it the "Broken" condition)
  b) A broken metal headed tool is replaced with a metal head (eg Axe head, Hammer head, Sledgehammer head) and a "broken handle". The broken handle is junk wood and can be burned for fuel. You can create a new tool handle using Carpentry (maybe lv 2-4?) by using a Knife on a Sturdy Stick. You can then haft the tool head to the tool handle, consuming either ripped sheets, nails, wood glue, or some combination. The durability should reflect the quality of the hafting items used, but should be high as an entirely new wooden handle is being used.
Edit: Durability should also be reflected by Carpentry Skill.

598. As above suggestion, but you should be able to un-haft the tool somehow (saw? knife?), to re-haft it with new wood to improve the durability, and remove any "repaired x times" modifiers.

599. Hunting Knives should be re-haftable as well, as it's extremely unlikely for the actual blade to break on a good quality hunting knife, and the metal tangs are quite large, almost handle size on their own.

600. Crowbar durability should be greatly improved. I don't think they should be invulnerable as others have suggested, but given their in game rarity, and how sturdy Crowbars are in real life, that should be reflected. 

601. Crowbars should be able to (noisily) pry open a locked window, with some chance to break it. Crowbars should also be able to (very noisily) pry open a locked door, but the door should not be able to be closed tight anymore. I know windows was suggested before, but have not seen the door suggestion yet.

602. Bigger trees. Stuff that blocks your view even if you're on a second or third story. The bigger trees could take longer to chop, but could yield more wood and twigs depending on their size.

603. Dragging corpses. Right now it's a huge pain to move Zombies, as they take your primary and secondary slots, and you have to do manual inventory management to drop them, often not exactly where you intended. If we could instead "latch on" (maybe by holding spacebar for a few seconds or something) to a zombie corpse and be forced to (noisily and messily) drag it, with our backs to where we're going, it would be quicker and more apparent where we're actually leaving the corpse.

604. Wheelbarrows, Carts, Shopping Carts, etc. This would make moving heavy things easier and safer, and could use a similar mechanic as the Dragging corpses, where your hands are busy until you let go of a button (eg spacebar). These devices wouldn't be able to go up and down stairs without picking them up. You wouldn't be able to sneak while using them. They could hold corpses (maybe 1-3 each? or depending on type), furniture, random loot, dirt (for wheelbarrow), and could make noise depending on type. Shopping carts being the most noisy but also most common. This would add a risk-reward element to looting as well, of whether it's worth having your hands full and making more noise to make loot runs more convenient. Strength could determine how much and how fast you could push, as well. Different terrain could affect mobility (eg shopping carts would be very slow on non-pavement, wheelbarrows would be a bit slower on grass, but not much.)

605. I think this will be part of the animation update, but tripping (corpses, fences, random crap on the ground) or slipping (on snow, wet or icy pavement, oil, or blood) while sprinting, and getting knocked down by zombie attacks (instead of bitten or scratched). These could be affected by the nimble trait, with maybe strength and/or fitness added in to avoid getting knocked down.

606. Fishing should be possible year round. If the water isn't frozen over, the fish are still mostly active. Even if the water is frozen over, Ice Fishing is a long standing tradition of many cultures, and can catch quite a few. Reducing the rates is fine, but don't make them 0 or almost 0.

607. Add a smoking/drying rack to Carpentry / Metalworking, which must be placed over a camp fire. Given time it can smoke meat or fish, dehydrate veggies and fruits, dry towels, etc. You'd have to keep an eye so it doesn't overdry (can use a similar mechanic to burning). Dried food would reduce thirst, and lose some of its initial hunger value / nutrients, but have greatly extended or indefinite shelf lives.

Also honorary mention to something that's been suggested before: Bikes. Please please please.

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added thought on durability scaling with Carpentry, and fishing + drying rack suggestions

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The spawn rates of sacks and barbed wire should be greatly increased or else there should be a way to craft them. As is, barbed wire fences and gravel/sandbag barricades are pretty much impossible to make in any large quantities (unless I'm missing something).


Paint and plaster spawnrates should be increased too. They only have aesthetic uses in base building, but it takes large quantities of them to do much of anything that are near impossible to find on default survival settings.

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From Discord


610. afternoon, I happen to have wrist problems, which as much as i love PZ prevent me from long term play as i must always hold a button to aim (no matter where i bind it) Does a mod exist or can it be done to add a toggle feature to the aim? i tried searching on steam to no avail; and a simple mod like this could add much play time and enjoyment for me.

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Multi-monitor support. Some people have 2, 4, or 8 monitors on one computer setup. You have designed splitscreen excellently in this game to allow "dragging" the windowed mode across multiple monitors so the split screen player can have a dedicated screen. My proposition is actually make it a built in feature into the game to have multiplayer (technically not splitscreen) support across multiple monitors. This can be done through one instance of the game or multiple instances with controllers.

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Profanity sensitive please. I see you are working on a profanity filter but on the annotated maps you have things like "medical sh*t" instead you should make it say "medical stuff"

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Can you please make it so the color of clothing items in the various menus, matches the color of the clothing item when worn? I realize that a clothing overhaul is in the works, so we may not see this corrected on the current clothing, but please don't give the new clothing the same problem.


This has bugged me since back before the change to use 3D models and the "This War of Mine" lighting filter, and I can't believe more people don't mention it.

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13 hours ago, Tolwrath said:

Can you please make it so the color of clothing items in the various menus, matches the color of the clothing item when worn? I realize that a clothing overhaul is in the works, so we may not see this corrected on the current clothing, but please don't give the new clothing the same problem.


This has bugged me since back before the change to use 3D models and the "This War of Mine" lighting filter, and I can't believe more people don't mention it.


This should be fixed with the new animation/clothing update, so makes little sense to correct as of right now.

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I dare a point who may be offensive (and i will separete post for that):

maybe i miss or don't see somethings, but I codes some mini games in java on android plateform, so I finally dare to post this and maybe some exemple aren't wright. When i read lua files, it feel the pressure.
it seems that three is many independant coder with founder.. etc...

615. may it is time to let devs to take time to clean code. in 2 ways : remove forsaken (ie smelting if i red correctly) and useless parts,variables and rewrite some line to sustainability. (apply changes to older fonction/variables)
I saw variable or conditions unused anymore, quoted and annotations useless or wrong. (many on wall, wooden parts, with add of multibuidstage i think) ISWoodenWall:getHealth()
Many variable names who become incoherent with add of items/actions without adapt the source variable : with add of metal for exemple  ISWoodenWall() and container etc...
Some adds who are coded with a new sustainable procedure  but older aren't rewrited with !  (same exemple with wood and metal fences/wall etc..)

And now I'll will post in game suggest in following post...

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1. NPC and Story !

reread last pointbefore continue...

(color for already said elsewhere by me or others)

for metalworking being unique :

616. metal door frame and door (because actually zombies knock on a wooden door even if all the wall is in metal)

617. Up metal wall health

618. stack by 3 metal crates as wooden crates ! so easy (i think)
619. tank fillable with water or fuel, as a crate (or possibility to fill metal crates with liquids) posed on a crate if 618 or (new recips) tripods to replace it, to match with mechanics of fuilds. same effect as actual sink with barrel above, but there, on the same floor.

620. transparent : prison doors and bars, high wired mesh

wood :

621. frame doors, doors (without more hinge need), fences and floor should be upgradable as WoodenWall and WoodenWindowWall. instead of destruct them to rebuild at lvl3.
and woodenWall and WoodenWindowWall should propose only "build wall" and "build windows" as frame doors, doors, fences and floor (and build the higher level automatically).

622. damages on walls and others : visual of damages (just display the lvl behind is easy). Repair as propose the upgrade.

623. plaster : on doors frames. on metal (because it's as far as possible than wood, lol) give a shield to the wall who crumble and allow to see the what is made wall and the state of shield. IRL plaster is a very high consumption. think should have more bag, and a bag for a wall or 2 max.

624. painting seems very restrictive in addition to an only nice-looking effect ! IRL painting yield is 10/15 m² by liter, if I concider 2 layers : with a 5L you should paint at least 10 wall. A draw seems ~1/4 of wall painting use.

624* painting should overwright blood. paint plain woodenwall and floor (just with a modificatin of wood color) but always with remove blood !

625. renforced doors to match with nerf wall health point

626.  realism of "bridge and balconies" : When build floor, i can do a line of many wooden floor without support under. It break a little realism of bridge effect. When i see a 4 tiles woodenfloor long, it's seems hold in the void, same for 6/8 wooden floor with fences.

May add constraint such :  for build a woodenfloor, a connected woodenfloor on 2 tiles N,E ( 2+ 1tiles S,W for the on the edge effect and not affect multiplicator ) around must have a pillar or wall on floor above. 

But this seems more realist with fences, (bridge between houses), then add distance x4 for each wooden floor who get 2 fences or wall on it could balance things. Add some bonus tiles for metal floor.

Then to do a bridge without pillar between two houses, you have to start from a side, then go to the other side to build and finish bridge.

627. repair window.


Electricty :

628. more wide range items at high lvl : vibration, cuting line, are very common IRL securty. radio as link (details here)


Cook :

629. use bowl not only for rice and pasta, for cooked in stove too, etc..

630. not display eat all when already eat 1/4 or 1/2.. write regarding to what left in dish.


Farming :
631 same as 630. quantity for water is abstract : % of plant, of container...


General :

632. add the health points in the info build window (where icon and requested items) of buidable objects

633. add a "fill all" when many bottle or objects not full (between each other , and with barrels for exemple)

634. Allow windows to be moved out of screen ! with big car window, become essential for the little screen i'm actually.

635. Prohibit all action when too dark (read, build, repair, farm, etc...) as read a to dificult book : "I don"t see anything", "it's too dark", etc..  use your light car or lamp if really need to work outside as IRL, find a generator if inside... or sleep !!!



MP :

636. enjoy my safehouse : Think safehouse and powered tiles/wall should be concidered by coping (or screed, translate doubt) and applied on all floors above. Less rooftop for safehouse , if this is unwanted.

Could easily resolve playermade safehouses ability (with just a restriction on the surface and tiles distance of other specified building area and safehouse) and restrictive powered zone.

637. real voice by radio. 

638. give an occasion and tools to meet survivor ! electricity tools to do with radio transmitor, looping detress mesages, position etc..


as last link (from 2016), I come, i play and in late game : i have build everything, I'have killed hordes of zombies, and I'm boring.
When I die, i'm asking me, but what will I do in a new game ? each time, it's they need bugs reports and suggests....


639. give interest to late game, tactics : wave of zombies, less idiots zombies ( because the chicken and i see actually is more smart) I don't know.... think sophisticated things (electric, radio, tank) should give a good extention of life SP or/and MP...
And npc ?!? ;-)

Map :
rounded corner of road

641. -1 floor : cellar, dig tunnel. (with constraint to carry land, and spend many time to dig)


edit :
642. Use concrete powder to make wall : on a frame metal wall (as welded mesh) with nails and wood for formwork. (may wood not be consumed). need woodenwork and metalwork very high. very good for a top wall !
642* Use concrete powder to make concrete floor (always with metal for welded mesh) and set this as playermade safehouse coping (screed) value for safehosue surface. as last wood an metal lvl high...
as plaster suggest, 2 point above give the necessity of very more concrete spawning.

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643. filling bath and sink with water

644. when snow : draw the road by a little shadow on sidewalk and road border
645. vehicle should slide on snow.

646. keys found should be linked on door handle (who are don't used yet). and highlight them as doors, then you can choose to build a door with key or not, where you want. highlight door, if handle is on the door installed.
647. more keys for more doors !! (actually only one codekey for a "type" of player made door handle)...  or it is an other to make beleive implemented ?

648. An other mode on server : PwP, a PvP where only if both of players are unsafe, can attack together (may already possible ?)

649. in MP : freeze players safehouse generator consumption when timelapse (when somebody sleep) AND offline. then, you can plan your life IRL to know when you have to comeback to fill fuel.

650. (don't think enjoy by funder) actually a second generator give me about 19% consumption less. Dont do calcul/test for third. Up this value to ~50% or (and better) :

651. electrical item / skill (with high lvl) who allow to couple generator side by side : when a generator is less than 5%, one close to it start.

652. Deep freezer ! (an other thing you show, but it's always picture !)

653. allow to do things when resting : read, eat, drink, heal, transfert inventory>bag

654. allow to rest on ground !  when running in forest between town can't rest at all. is it normal ?

655. tables as container : but not by weight, by numbers of object : only 1 to 3 object and display them on table. (leave a message for teamplayers highlighted, priority object, etc..)

656. food : display expiration date as a progress bar (may a requested cook lvl). when i open my fridge, I can know if I have to eat the meat or i can wait a day or 2, and I'm not cooker !

657. As grave, dig trenches. effect : double fences , first cross inverted (down) then cross up to leave hole. then grave give the same effect.

658. can we jump 1 empty tiles ? (sure was already discuted)

659. Oil stove and electric heater for winter, because i don't do a firecamp in my living room. When i'm to cold in house, i go in a vehicle, is it normal ?

660. build inclined roof ( to heigh of an inclined roof a side or if any, attached to height of the wall/floor below.  flat rooftop, make rain enter by holes (stairs) and wet players (or only shoes)

661. wet localisation : Wet player feet and shoes 1 hour (time depending of rain intensity) after the rain.

662. Wooden furnitures should be build with screws or glue. IRL technics are : recessed, stuck, screwed.

663. free paint (as a basic paint program) on tiles : ground, wood, concrete, metal, ceramic and walls (draw my radio frequence, short msg, etc.. )

664. upper corners of screen is used by button an indactor. but it is place where we put windows, so we lost border space left, right and up. Add choose layouts in options game menu (all to the right, all to the left, everything to bottom...). Or better : in options  game menu a layout of the screen where display buttons and indicator as dragable item (+ choose size, + always over), then you can put them where you want. ( presonnally, "injury and emots" are so tiny that i put it in center of the screen close to player,  because have to always see it but not disturb by is size)

665. when no watch , display a sun / moon logo, to have an indication of sunrise, midday, sunset, midnight (very old suggestion when you add watches and remove permanent display time )

666. There is many pseudo implemented, i see (and think) that is a pressure to add new things, but could be good to finish what is started to be added ! this elements aren't really working or fake (because not really usefull at this state) things writted done, but on the paper yet !

  • keys doors
  • structure update (elements, menu)
  • barbed (not really difficult : effect of broken window x2 + cross a tree)
  • basic metal structures (miss frame door, door !), and xp skill
  • traps (for zombies, not mouses)
  • electricity above lvl 4
  • advantage of farming, breeding, cooking. so eating canned food again.
  • more, more, more... not to add ! who was lead off, writed done, and set aside !


do no hesitate to fill up 666. point !

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I have a few suggestions too. I've been playing a long time and love the changes that have come to PZ. I mostly play online as I enjoy the company of people to talk to. The server I play on had Hydrocraft which adds a lot of content. 

668. I'd like solar power to be something you can make in vanilla. Maybe you have to find a rare book to teach you how to make it and find all the stuff to make it with. Also Wind power would be an option. If there was a real apocalipse, people would find ways to go on as close to what they had before as possible and solar power is one way to help with that. I mentioned Hydrocraft because they have a solar power generator but theirs is glitched and turns off whenever you walk too far away. I think solar power should be something you set up and maybe have to provide maintenance once a month or once every 3 months or something. It should work 24hours a day. In online game it should keep your fridge and stuff going even if you're not on.

669. Esepecially with the options for really dark nights, I think we should have more light options. I've seen requests for lanterns which sound like a good idea. One person said something about using foraging to find nuts and then make oil from the nuts to use in the lanterns. Something like that, that takes work to get it going, but then provides light for a good long while, is worth it I think.

670. One of my favorite things in PZ is building. I like to build buildings and decorate them. As such, I'd love having some more decorating options.  Put more paintings in the game that we can scavenge and put in our building. things like putting books on a coffee table or a bowl or a cup on a coffe or end table. I know, I know, It's the zombie apocalipse not the sims... but I like to decorate... If I'm gonna get bit and turn into a zombie, the least I can do is enjoy my decorating first...

671.  I totally agree with a previous suggestion to make firepits, safer by putting stones around them and now they cant' catch everything on fire.

672. More furniture options in vanilla game.

673. using foraged food items in salads or soups or roasting pans.

674.  at the beginning of the apocalypse, the first thing people would want to do is go to the grocery store and scavenge. There should be lots of extra stuff in the back of the grocery store and not all perishable. There should be boxes full of boxed and canned foods. Boxes full of candy and energy bars and such. There is not nearly as much stuff in grocery store as would be in real life. Also could we get some stores that have groceries, clothing, tools, medical, electronics, furniture, cleaning supplies (bleach), plants (seeds), car parts, etc all in same store like a Walmart or something? There should be light bulbs and pens and notebooks and wire and all the kinds of stuff that you can find a little here and a little there, should be available in a large warehouse like, store. Costco anyone?

I'm sure there are more things but that's what I can think of right now.


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adjusted my numbers to match up with everyone elses.

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675 - Simple addition that I noticed wasn't in-game. Allow the player to dump out and empty a gas can some way.

I was trying to work on my car just now and realized I couldn't swap the gas tank because I couldn't empty the gas cans to siphon more out. I have nearly 25 or so gas cans but they're all full from my last run. Would be nice if I could dump a few of them somehow instead of having to use them up slowly by running down car or generator stats while I wait for it to drain away.

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speaking of light switch and indoor light bugs and claustrophobic and heal problems  (everythings about restriction of actual rooms declaration) and with last WIP reminder (thursdoid) who recall old video about weather :

  • 676. Add an ingame room declaration (and modification) :
    • Simple test for all BuildWall and BuildFloor : If floor above and below then If walls on sides then CheckForRoom
    • Simple check (modification) if BuildWindow BuildDoor, DestructWall DestructDoor DetructWindow (or break).
    • with some variable as :
      • On each overtures : OpenTo (outdoors or an other room), OpenState (to be set to 0 by closed door or window). then frameWindow and removed wall give a fixed OpenState=1.
      • Size.
      • Id attached to building, for MP
    • Allow many improvements :
      • sound : reduce inside and outside sounds when Closed.
        When open : spread sound only on/from OpenTo (so a closed house but opened indoors doors, don't spread sound outdoors)
      • Temperature : if closed, goes up with oven, a little bit with fridge (and futur radiators) according to size.
        When open : if OpenTo is a room,  slowly equilibrate temp betwen them, if Outdoors heavily adjust to outdoors temp.
        That's could be a very low priority process and very spaced check / equilibration.
      • Lights : Place roof lights and usable player installed light switches (can be without roof lights : If there is a switch light then there is a roof light in room)
      • claustrophobic trait become  more realistic, if destruc some wall of room / many opened windows and doors.
      • In Mp : management options for safehouse admins (and server admins).
        Allowing individualy rights by rooms for each members and add "Guest" as member. (for clans or welcome a stranger)
  •  677. Add roof light, with ability to take it and change lightbulb (so become breakable bulb lights) as wall lights, .
    Auto Add at the map generation to all map declared rooms, with only 3 kind of roof light can easyly suit for all rooms types :
    • chandelier for living room, kitchen and restaurants
    • lampshade for bed room
    • Ramp neon for industrials 
    • (simple wire with bulb in cellar)
  • 678. Rest option should be just a sit down option and a state where :
    • reduce : breathlessness, slightly panic
    • increase : speed to read of skill books, healing effect, lost a "eat standing penality". (life regeneration, see further)
  • 679. Unlike comics strip and news papers (who should be nerfed), Books should be as skill book : that's not at the end that you have the stress bonus, but with time to read. Each book could have a time as skill book and at the end will be consumed. (resolve : i take 1min to read a book and my character is happy). 
  • 680. We only know if we are too cold or heat at the moment of advertiser appear !
    IRL whe know if temperature is a little bit high or low, should be displayed (ex : a round who fading from grey to intense blue or red according to the diference degree of the place where we are).
  • 681. (if 678 to 680 is integrated) Action to decrease life DEgeneration ! 
    • warm a room in winter (cold outdoor) or refresh in summer (hot outdoor) to feel confort.
    • be sitting, don't wast your energy
    • reading a classic book (to think to other things)


Tadddaaaaa ! the healing and moral process (begin to) become realisticly active, restrictive and interresting to perform (with futur adds !)


Change the Way to play :

  • Avoid lighting and all related room based problem by a refresh of the state of room when a wall is removed (and only when a building action is performed).
  • close doors, repair windows and walls in winter. Open in summer when use oven too much. (with night/day temp changing, will be awesome in summer to be obliged to open house by night to reduce temp !)
  • for the moment (with an idea of radiator) have to put many oven to warm a big sized room. (with neg point for very little room!)
  • open indoors doors in a house to hear next.
  • Lighting rooms with real lights, not all with wall light !
  • Not have to put the wall light close to entrance (to switch on easily)
  • Have to change lights of houses too.
  • In Mp :
    • welcome stranger for a night or relief.
    • give precise container access restriction to members of a clan / safehouse.
  • force to sit down for advantage. (realistic)
  • give a bigger and realistic penalty to big injure and stress. So you have to stay sit all the day, and only move to take food and medics if you want to quickly get better.
  • allow claustrophobic to sleep indoor, by sitting on bed before he can sleep.
  • and many more...
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I post separetly because this one is awesome and easy :

682. Listen CD player should slighlty reduce stress but avoid hearing all except horn and siren ! You need cd player, earphones and CD. everythings is already in game !
Kill Zombies while hearing classical to reduce stress ! think to Clockwork Orange, mouahahaha !


683. Objects destruction balance

Edited by arkahys
don't re-post... move destruction balance.

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Muscle degradation from doing nothing/without food.

Simply, if you have not been earning enough XP to the strenght, you'll loose a little bit. Same for the food.

One stage of hungry moodlet - -% of the strength XP per time ( in terms of balance, i think it would be better to decide by yourself how to balance it )


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Hello Connall!

As you suggested me, I wanted to answer you in this message. Inexplicably my last thread has been deleted, or at least I can't find it haha.  :-(
Here they are, all my suggestions, but maybe some of them are repeated, I didn't read all the 685 previous ones.

//Agriculture & foraging: 

686. Sprinklers in gardens or other water system (water hoses?).
687. Pots in order to grow all vegetables wherever you want, even inside your home.
688. Watering cans: They are so difficult to find, and it should be on every house, because they all have a garden, but they are so infrequent.
689. When you are rummaging in the forest, It would be nice a message about what you found. 
690. More plants: Corn, Celery, pumpkin, zucchini, cauliflower, onions, turnip, green beans, peas, etc.
691. Fruit Trees. Maybe you can find them in the forest or taking them from a greenhouse in a "young" state. --> Apple, apricots, grapes, lemon, peach, pear, pineapple, quince, plum, fig trees, etc.

//Food & Loot:

692. Butter, eggs and milk are so difficult to find. Why? Every home should have tons of them. But at least in my games, dead people preferred cabbages, that's so healthy but... :(
693. Bullets in schools: Well, in ALL my games I've discovered that all kinds of schools are perfect places to find out some bullets. Really? :? --> NOT OK!
694. Pincers to cut metal fences.
695. Traps with metal cans.
696. Make belts util.

//Feeding system:

697. After feeding my survivor very well during some time. I've realised that it's impossible to lose weight. I've been a week getting only essential food (to not die) but surprisingly I still raise my weight. @_@
698. Not all the shops shelves can be disassembled, for example, shelves in gas stations.

699. Streets lights are so small in comparison with the new vehicles. I  recommend to make them longer. 
700. Sinks. If I put a sink in a buildng built by me, sinks doesn't work. Could be a way to make them work if I put a source of water close?
701. The possibility to build greenhouses, I mean, glass roofs or something like that.
702. Fire stations near old cities-
703. Bus stations.
704. Adapt the old garages to the new vehicles
705. Sport centres, tennis courts, etc.
706. More countryside factories
707. Big Hospital with more equipment, surgery rooms, etc

708. Buses
709. Lorries
710. Paint your vehicles!

711. More flower pots & indoor plants.
712. Water Vending machines
713. Kiosks

714. Disguting worms generated inside the corpses.
715. Zombies with professional wear and tools (maybe you're going to add it with animations I think).
716. If you put something in a campfire, make the fire destroy it.

//Updated 06/04/2018:

717. Vehicle shops have only a few vehicule components, I think they should be full. I can't believe during a zombie apocalypse people run for their lifes with tires and car doors...

718. Definitely, is necessary a tutorial in order to learn how mechanical skill works, at least at the beginning.

719. Why vans have this "beep" when you're moving backward? At least in my country is impossible to hear a van doing that haha, Is it common in UK/EEUU? Here is only mandatory for tractors, lorries, or big machinery, but sounds so weird to me for a van. It's not exactly a suggestion, maybe a question, but if it's not normal, then yes, I suggest you to remove that sound. --> Apparently is normal in EEUU, ok then.
720. Add more containers to vehicle shops/workshops. 

I hope these ideas can be useful. I love your game  <3

PD: Sorry for possible spelling mistakes! :-)

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On 21.02.2018 at 3:21 AM, Zomboid said:

Profanity sensitive please. I see you are working on a profanity filter but on the annotated maps you have things like "medical sh*t" instead you should make it say "medical stuff"

It's a cruel world, where corpses can reanimate.. Why not swearing? 

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