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The "Hedgehog" game

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So me and my brother made this really funny and slightly cancerous game where you type in your name plus the hedgehog and you look to see what comes up. It's pretty funny in my opinion because theres some really stupid/funny/cancer ones.


Here are the rules

1.Type your name plus "the hedgehog" and click search. (Ex.) Noah the hedgehog

2. If porn comes up first of all, I'm so sorry... and second of all, please don't post it

3. Post the FIRST picture that comes up and that's IT, I don't want this getting crowded


I'll start.

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2 hours ago, Queen Glory said:

My one regret in life is starting this thread, i wish i could erase it from my mind permanently.

Silly, beautiful creature. You shouldn't regret something that has brought so much joy and bemusement to so many diverse peoples.

'You cannot always be what you want to be. But you can be a hedgehog.' -Granny Zombadger

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