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How to Lan WITHOUT hamachi

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The situation is as followed:

I have forwarded the ports but for some reason they remain closed to "canyouseeme.org"  So don't know whats going on there

and i mate living in my house who uses the same router as me. Now. I've checked on Grim Dawn because i was having issues with ports there that we can infact play on a lan because we are in the same house


I was hoping there was a way to create a lan server WITHOUT hamachi because i am sick and tired of searching google with the words "without" and it going "WITH HAMACHI!!" there is no where other then here that i can ask

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Have you been able to host other games without using hamachi? Some ISPs disable external pinging of your router to prevent attacks. 


Check for a "WAN Ping Block" or something similar in your router settings. It is usually under the firewall settings.


Sometimes your router will have that enabled by default and you have to disable it. Again this is enabled to help prevent against attacks but disables the ability to host game servers from your computer.


Are you using the router from your ISP? If not what is the brand and model of your router?


Also Zomboid using more than just the default port for hosting. you need to forward enough ports for the players you plan to have playing. so a 10 player server would have the ports 16261-16271.

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added info on port forwarding

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10 hours ago, EnigmaGrey said:

You can just use the in-game Host button for LAN servers. Just invite your friend through Steam.

tried that. It seems that the port that steam uses to communicate it comes up with "server unavailable"


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I don't see how port forwarding has anything to do with hosting a LAN game.  Port forwarding is for people trying to communicate outside of your network.


First thing I would check is if it is a firewall issue. Turn off all of your firewalls (windows & antivirus) and see if that works to rule out firewall. I would just manually type in the local ip address to see if it will connect.

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