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Categorised professions and traits

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Categorised professions' list. This would allow to add more of them without turning list into a mess and just look handy. I also would like to suggest few more of professions and traits. Example:


Category - medic. From best to worse first aid skill, from the most expensive to the cheapest. From Norse to horse

  • Surgeon. From what I've heard, you need years of practice and learning to start working as a surgeon. Bonus trait - treats wounds better.
  • Therapist. Slightly cheaper, slightly lower skills. Trait - treats diseases better.
  • Pharmacist. Not so doctor, but still. Trait - uses medicine more effectively. Or (inspired by Zorak, I think) has trait, that works like Herbalist - where, for example, other see "pills" (with exception of few common pills), pharmacist sees "beta-blockers" or something similar.
  • Nurse. Less training, less skills, but still better than "Average Joe" in first aid.
  • Ambulance driver. Minimal skills. He's still working near the medics, so probably could know something. Better driving skill, if there's ever gonna be one.

That could add more roleplay and more fine-tuning to the character creation. 


Traits. More diversity - the better right? As for traits, I suggest to split them into 3 groups:

  • Physical. Blind, wounded (I.E. starting with moderate injury) overweight etc.
  • Skills. Herbalist, marksman, slow reader. It would be nice to see a trait for each skill
  • Social. I know, that these would be useless right now, but when one of the main feature will come out, social skills will be needed.

The main point is, that all professions and traits use those points. That way you can create pro, that doesn't know how to convince people, that leads to living alone, talkative fellow, that is almost useless in combat and crafting and many other interesting combinations.


What do you think about it?

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I like the sound of some of that, but it might be abit complex in places. Any idea on how it would work with other professions?


The sadist in me likes the sound of starting with an injury, would be great for role play to start with a broken leg (eek!) or maybe to start with extreme sickness and some empty bottle of bleach on the floor, or a gunshot wound to the head, as if your character was one of those who tried to end it all but instead wakes up and gives life another go.

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5 hours ago, NebNebber said:

Any idea on how it would work with other professions?

Do you mean categories for other professions? If so, I suggest for current ones:

*Medic: Doctor, nurse

*Cook:  Chef, burger flipper

*Craftsman: Carpenter, electrician, enginner

*Worker: Construction worker, repairman, farmer, lumberjack, metalworker, fisherman

*Teacher: Fitness instructor.

*Guard: Security guard, Park ranger

*Emergency officer: Fire officer, police officer

*Unemployed (, burglar?)


I don't know where to put burglar and veteran, though. 


And, about social traits... Maybe, tie them up with character's character (Sorry)? Like brave, envious, talkative?

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If they add any more content to the character creation system this would be necessary. Fishing through traits right now is a bit daunting - there's quite a few, and yet it still doesn't seem like enough. I do like this idea.


Bold jobs already exist

  • Medic: Doctor, Nurse,  EMT(few levels in medicine, one level in sprinting, brave),  Surgeon(Many levels in medicine,  dextrous)
  • Cook:  Chef, Burger Flipper,  Baker(Same as chef but with blunt weapon skills)
  • Craftsman: Carpenter, Electrician, Engineer
  • Worker: Construction Worker, Repairman, Farmer, Lumberjack, Metalworker, Fisherman
  • Enforcer: Fire officer, Police Officer, Security Guard, Park ranger, Veteran
  • Teacher: Fitness instructor. Professor(4points in a random skill), Student(General exp +%, fast reader), Author/Writer(1 point in 2 random skills, fast reader)
  • "Unemployed": Burglar, Con-man


Ideas for other traits:


  • Sommelier ( Better effects from alcohol )
  • Vegetarian / Vegan ( Eating a lot of foods will make you miserable - but veg fills you up more! )
  • Lactose Intolerant ( Milk is all you have. So you won't starve - but you will get preeeetty sick. )
  • Gluten-Free ( See above - but with bread. )
  • Diabetic ( Drinking soda / eating chocolate / having candy all make you tired, fatigued and somewhat sick. )
  • Hardened ( Blood and gore don't bother you at all )
  • Squeamish ( Blood and gore make you feel ill )


  • Techy / Gamer (+1 Electrician)


  • Charismatic ( What you say tends to go over better in general )
  • Thoughtless ( What you say goes over worse in general )
  • Diplomatic ( NPCs are more likely to believe you / follow you )
  • Tactless ( NPCs are less likely to believe you / follow you )
  • Extroverted ( Being near NPCs / other players makes you happy )
  • Introverted ( Being near NPCs / other players stresses you out )
  • Egomaniac ( Able to talk to self for ++happy/boredom, but attracts zombies )
  • Leader ( Able to talk to groups for ++happy/boredom of everyone but you, attracts zombies )

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