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RELEASED: Build 35.26

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5 hours ago, Zaphod Beeblebrox said:

Since zombies can now tear down sheet ropes, would it be possible to add a function to a sheet rope that's attached to a window, like 'Roll Up Sheet Rope'?


The appearance could be the same as the 'opened curtain' sheets, except on the outside, and bottom of a window.

First off, let me say welcome to The Indie Stone forum :D Secondly, I totally agree and I know many others in the community want the same thing, so thank you for bringing it up as your first post here! It truly demonstrates how common sense this suggestion is :)

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4 minutes ago, ditoseadio said:



What happened with the forge?

And what about with all unfixed bugs reported in tracker?


We'll continue to fix reported bugs in the patches. There are a couple of yours, for example, that have been tackled in Turbo's branch - which is going to go into IWBUMS on Monday before its integrated.


The forge is still something that's there for us to come back to.

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32 minutes ago, riccardochiara said:

HELLO guys, someone can help us with the Linux Server command for do the Hardreset/wipe? we can't find the command.

Please, answer!


thank you


I asked our lord and master of the multiplayer server for you. For a hard reset, just delete the map/world files in the 'Zomboid' folder, in ~/Zomboid/saves/multiplayer/servertest

Default server name is 'servertest' because.. that's what it was during testing, and it kinda stuck. 


For a soft reset, edit the start-server.sh script, and add -Dsoftreset after the xms and xmx values. 

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