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Blocking attacks

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A suggestion for improvement of Human vs. Human combat.


As we saw in the bloody massacre video, now there is 3 different attacks - swing from the left to the right, direct hit to the head and uppercut.


I suggest to add an option to block an attack from 1 of 3 directions - slightly similar to like Mount and Blade did (that's one of the best fighting systems, imo. Link). If defender is blocking wrong direction, while attacker hits him - he will still take damage. One thing I don't sure is how it would work. I can think of 2 ways:

  • Manual. Determines by the direction of walking. For example, if you walk backwards it will be a down-direction block. Pretty hard for newbies, but sounds fun.
  • Automatic. Every time defender presses "block" button the game will select "proper" block depending on attacker's attack. May be too OP, when defender spams "block", until Windows message "Would you like to permanently enable Shift?" pops-up.
  • Both. Maybe, selectable, like current reloading option.
  • Shields. Similar to M&B, blocks all directions at once, but requires 1 hand and tends to break.


And also, some bonus for axe and other "heavy" weapons for breaking blocks. 


Would it be too complex? Sometimes complexity is even better, making combat something to master.

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12 hours ago, MyTJ said:

With 3 optional keybinds, the different blocks could be accessible easily enough.  Same keys could work for attack?

Yes, kinda similar. The problem is, that in the original system, that inspired me, attacks were selected with mouse swing. So, if you hold attack button and move mouse to the left, it will select proper attack. Same for blocks. 


I have to say, I'm not sure if it's possible or needed for PZ... But sometime we'll need to fight those-whose-name-shouldn't-be-said in melee combat. PvP is more of a gun-fight.

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On 22/7/2016 at 0:41 PM, Keshash said:

that's one of the best fighting systems, imo.

I agree. It's one of the hardest out there though.

The thing is Mount & Blade is a very melee-focused game, while PZ is more dynamic. Even in Napoleonic Wars all the firearms have horrible accuracy and long reload animations. By the time people have the balls to brawl agaisnt eachother in MP they'll most probably already have guns to spare.

I do like this idea for fighting off human NPCs though.

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