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How to edit container size?

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How do i edit the Wooden crate? Wanted to increase the size a little bit. I can't seem to be able to find it in media.


If i can't edit it, What does one need to create a new crate? Been awhile just getting back into PZ.




EDIT: Ok, so I've searched and searched since posting this trying to get it to work, I've got a menu to build it but my texture isn't showing when i go to build it, it's just the wood floor. Racking my brain here cause almost all posts i find and very few are from 2-4 yrs ago roughly. Have googled allot on the subject ;)


I tried the getTexture no errors in console so assuming that part is working. I have the textures folder.



Assuming that is right 

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I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to modding, but it sounds to me like the error you're having is related to the fact that wooden crates are now movable (pickup/place). 

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