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What is this?
I got this idea from Sir.Twiggy, he always talked in his stream about how he'd love it if once an Axe is 'broken' you could remove the Axe head and make a new Axe. I liked the idea so I decided to make it. This mod ads the ability to remove the head from your Axe and craft it into a 'Makeshift Axe'. However, the Axe head does not stay sharp for ever and you may find yourself making a Blunt Axe instead.
New Recipes

Axe Handle
Requires a Plank and a Saw, The saw is not consumed in the process.

Axe Head
Requires a Fireaxe and a Saw. The saw is not consumed in the process.

Makeshift Axe
Requires an Axe Handle, an Axe Head, a nail and a hammer. The hammer is not consumed in the process.

You can remove the head from a Makeshift Axe also, giving you a Worn Axe Head, this can be used to make a Worn Makeshift Axe. Repeating the process again gives you a Blunt Axe.

What This Mod Adds

  • 3 Types of Axe Heads
  • Craftable Axe Handles
  • A Makeshift Axe (degrades slightly faster than the Fireaxe)
  • A Worn Makeshift Axe (Degrades faster than the fireaxe and deals slightly less damage}
  • A Blunt Makeshift Axe (Considered a blunt weapon, no longer using the Blade skill. Deals less damage and degrades faster than a Fireaxe)

How to Install

Drag and drop entire your project zomboid folder. When you've launched the game select 'Mods' and double click this mod so it shows a small green tick on it. Restart your client and you're good to go.



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Indeed! I havent ACTUALLY tested the mod though I imagine other than how mods are structured nothing has changed with how items work since I made this :D

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With the modloader of the current steam version it is not going to work, but RJ has already fixed the item loading stuff for the next version and he is also looking into bringing back the old way of adding custom sprites (yay!!!) :)

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We should be able to craft a grinding stone, some wood a rock and a belt or sheet would be cool, so as to sharpen the axe back up. to balance it should make noise, require high carpentry, and possibly only have a limited number of sharpening times.


Love the idea already!!

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