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One tile size


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I was asking myself the question on the size of 1 tile in the game at the moment.

I know that before 1 tile was 32 pixel.  I took it from a wooden wall in the tile file found in the map editor thing.  


But since its prior to the visual update in the 33 build. well its not accurate and I don't feel like doing thing twice IF it can be avoided.

It would be really appreciate to know the right size. I need it for a mod... 7 logs wall.


It will look like a wooden dam to maintain the zed flood where its suppose to be... Out of you're base ^^.


Thank you!

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Thank you Bughunter!


 I got a screen shot of the 64 bit version.  of the doubled size picture and the straight line between each corner was 90 pixel.

Just calculated the hypotenuse and it was 90.50966... I just wonder where the half pixel goes o o... oh well

Big thx again!


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My old maths knowledge tells me that in a square, the diagonal is equal to the side length multiplied by the square root of 2.


Let's apply the formula to find the side length. If your diagonal is 90 pixels long, then the side of the square is 63,63 pixels long. So tiles are most probably 64x64. 

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