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[WIP] Ice Escape

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Hezekiah i am a 2D pixel artist, a concept artist and a c# programmer. For the past few weeks I have been making this game that I've decided to name "Ice Escape". It is a 2D puzzle platformer.

The story of the game is that you control a snowball, to get to the end of the game you will have to defeat seemingly impossible puzzles, hard bosses, themed levels, and other weird things that the player comes across.

My goal isn't to make it a big game, or to make it into the mainstream. all i want the player to do is Just run, kill enemies, figure things out, have fun. Simple as that. It's a fun little game i decided to make that reminds me of my childhood memories playing similar games.

It is currently in alpha at the time of this post so the game could go through massive changes. I'm open to any criticism good or bad, since i want to be proud of this game and know that once i put it out i won't get a horrible reputation from it. :p:P

Here is some main pictures of the game currently:


You can follow the games progress at my twitter @hbskip1100

Email me if you want to contact me: hezekiah1163@gmail.com

Thanks for viewing and have a wonderful day.

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You could use more colors in my opinion, make it more colorful. Pixel graphic is fun and have it's charm but there is no more reason to use only a few colors. Background for example could be some photos pixalated/edited to match rest of the game, things like that.

Have fun with creating it!

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