Extract original files from a map?

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Hey everyone,


Wondering if anyone knows of a way i can extract the building files & Tiles from a mod on the steam workshop?


Unfortunately the original files to my Mc'donalds map were lost due to a corrupt HDD only days after i uploaded it, Hopefully there is a way i can extract them from the pack file.

The mod is still on the steam workshop, I have tried to recover the files from the HDD but they are corrupt.


Any suggestions?






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If you were damaged original project files (.pzw) I do not think you can save your you would have project to do it again, as in the case would not be much just have to fix the building back into a cell and create the cell your map.

luckily your project "Mc'Donalds" is not so big and so gives you a head start if you touch to do it again from scratch, but it is a pity that such things happen recommend support files with the MEGA application.

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