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Save Yourself a Post (Announcements, Info, NPCs .etc)


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The Big Stuff

ETA! When will . . .
TIS has a strict no-ETAs policy, while they may have their own internal timeframes. Only features in a playable (and fun state) will be released to the stable branch. For those looking to live dangerously, there's IWBUMS.

Where're the NPCS?
tl;dr Perpetually slaved over by our dedicated founders, NPCs are in the works and likely won't be out for quite a while yet.  More information will likely be provided after the animation update.

What are your priorities?
Because TIS is a large (if small) team working remotely from one another, some features may be completed faster than others. This doesn't mean other highly requested features are being ignored; TIS has gone out of their way to avoid being side-tracked by hiring General Arcade to assist with MP development. Smaller stuff will be addressed when individual devs find time.

NPCs remain the highest priority. Only things close to release are discussed in the Mondoids; this does not mean other things are being ignored or that the developers have changed their priorities.

How often does PZ update?
The IWBUMS branch can update anywhere from several times a day to once a week, usually, while the stable branch can take anywhere from one to three months for updates to trickle down. This timeframe depends on the complexity of the feature(s), the stability of the game, and how much polish is necessary, thanks to community feedback.

What do Build Numbers mean?
Not much. They're just a way of compartmentalizing features, bug fixes, tweaks .etc into manageable bites. If something is not ready for a planned build number, but the rest of a build number is significantly complete, that feature may be held back until it's ready for release.



Everything Else



40% Is as Low as We Go
No, we cannot announce sales ahead of time.

Rathlord's Commonly Suggested Suggestions
A quick rundown of what is or isn't planned by the developers, as defined by community activity. Rather out of date now.

BlindCoder's Massive Map Project
Self explanatory. A huge interactive map featuring both vanilla and mod maps. Coordinates are accurate within the game!

PZ Community Wiki Project - We Need Your Help
The PZ Wiki is a community effort currently lead by Connall. If you have some time and would like to help out Project Zomboid, consider joining our wiki effort.

General PZ FAQ
A quick rundown of just what PZ is and frequent questions asked by our users, presented by our community manager, Nasko. Needs to be updated

Easy Co-OP FAQ
Multiplayer is changing - the old method of setting up a dedicated server is being eclipsed by Easy Co-Op. Find out more here. Needs to be updated.

Survival Mode -- It's Too Difficult!
Back in the early days, PZ was a much more difficult game. Since Build 30, PZ has tried to recapture that sense of danger in the optional Survival mode. Be wary of the hardcore description, it means it.

Indie Stone Moderator Policy
Be lovely, follow the forum's rules. Criticism and discussion thereof are welcome but abusive comments are not. Do not engage in personal attacks.
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