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Hey all so I just got into project zomboid a few months ago after not having played it for like almost 2 years and I love where the game has gone and I'm impressed with the community immensely :)


So to my point; I decided to get into map making because its something I enjoy in all games of all genres. I'm here to reach out to the community for help in any way they are willing.


For starters the map is called Kaputt because I like the name and it's "located" in Pennsylvania because it's where I'm from; it has no realistic basis map wise.


Let me express what I want to do.

Firstly I'm doing this for fun so I hope people enjoy what I can manage in my spare time.

Secondly I want to get the community involved as best as I can. I've seen some really awesome building designs and I want my map to be entirely unique, no recycling (as in every building is different, aside from 'chain' stores). To do this I need all your help to make it take less than forever. I'd love to see what people can come up with for my map and how I might implement it. If you want to get involved by giving me tips on mapping, building, making your own building to put on the map (credit due of course!) please leave a comment or message me directly.

Lastly I plan to update this thread at minimum weekly to let people know how Kaputt is coming along if they're interested!


STEAM LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=678778880



5/4/16 Started the map today

5/5/16 Got the map up on steam

5/6/16 Updated the map a few times. Have some small neighborhoods, hospital, towers, apartments, etc.

5/7/16 Added another neighborhood.  Continuing to tweak and customize buildings. Side note: working on some texture packs for additions accent items in game.

5/12/16 Made a lot of changes to the environment and the main map itself. Lots of new buildings. Going for a more natural look. Lots of good movement :)

5/28/16 Working on a big update with a ton of detail. However i just had teeth removed so I'm behind schedule. Hoping to get some updates rolling soon.



See you all around and remember to be water my friends!


Edit: Updates

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