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Snow Melting Near Heat Sources


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I suggest that snow near sources of heat such as campfires, woodstoves, etc should melt.


X tiles distance from the heat source could melt snow depending on the intensity of the heat.  ex) a fire with a tree branch in it may only melt a tile where as a fire with 3 logs in it could melt 5-6 tiles.


This could also give a character a visual indication of how close to the fire they need to be to get the benefits of its heat.


On a similar note, snow on pavement/concrete should melt faster than grass/dirt. Even without roads being salted in the apoc, roads and other paved surfaces will melt snow faster than other surfaces up to a depth of about 6 inches or so because sunlight can still penetrate that deeply into snow and reflect heat. All of us who live in snowy environments have seen this happen.

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On May 10, 2016 at 5:36 AM, King Kitteh said:

Currently snow is just a tile feature, but as an extension: Do you think starting a fire on snow should be made harder? Or would that to be too gamey and annoying?


As long as you have to use a campfire kit then I'm personally fine with starting a fire on snow tiles. I assume the placing of the campfire kit accounts for preparing the surface.

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