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Weather Observation Passive Trait

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The character you play as should be able to observe the sky and predict what kind of weather they may experience.  Just add another tab to the health/skills/info panels for "observations".  Observations could include more than just weather but for this example I will stick solely to weather.  This can be a passive skill that increases the more time you spend in the outdoors, as well as a buff/detriment you can pick at the very beginning..  It would work something like this:


Lvl 1: There are clouds. There isn't wind. Visibility is fine.

Lvl 5: It's fairly cloudy today, it could rain.  The air's cooler than it usually is.  The wind seems pretty mild.  Visibility is decent, though the low temp could possibly lead to fog later.

Lvl 10: It's fairly cloudy today, it smells like the rain might set in sometime in the afternoon or later.  The air's a bit cooler than it usually is, and it might continue to drop.  The wind is mild, but if it gets any colder that wind will be bitter.  Visibility is decent, but fog might roll in and block vision.

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7 minutes ago, xXSly_WolfyXx said:

That's would be an awesome feature, Though I would like if a notification popped up saying those things instead of having to go into a menu.

You could likely do both, with the notification only showing up if troubling weather arises.  The menu could stay there full time just in case you're curious.

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