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My Swedish Map Project :)

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First of all I want to thank the people at The Indie Stone for such an amazing game.

So I began this project very recently.
I've always wanted to survive the zombie infested lands where I live myself and the surrounding towns.
My project will be to make an as exact match as I can get to the real location of Uppsala, Sweden and surrounding towns.

My start location is here: https://www.google.se/maps/@59.9503013,17.5483208,1743a,20y,344.06h,0.34t/data=!3m1!1e3

And here is what I've got after an hour of trying to figure out the scale (I'm pretty dense)
The bright orange is just the shape of the building that will come when I've got the basics done for this location.



And the purple and pink are just to separate the properties from each other so I can keep track of fencing etc.



UPDATE 03/04/16

Added more lots and a football field (soccer) (wish they're would be a gravel color, it's sand for now but idk maybe I should make it out of mud?

Also added some of the buildings next to the football field, mostly used for storage.



UPDATE 05/04/16

Added the school to the north and some of the gravel paths around.

Also added another street to the east.

The estate in the middle is almost done, just some minor details left.



UPDATE 08/04/16

Been adding some vegetation and been starting work on buildings,  thought I'd start populating a cell at a time.



Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I'll start working more on buildings asap. Pretty happy with the vegetation.





Any suggestions or tips regarding anything around mapping is appreciated. Literally just picked this up.

Thanks for reading, Updates to come pretty soon!

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2 minutes ago, bpdlr said:

This looks awesome mate, how long has it taken you so far? I'm tempted to try my hand at re-creating my own local area.


Not counting a couple days where I had to do other stuff about 4-5 days, about 1 hour or so per day. Been doing more actually figuring out the system, most of the time. Think I'm getting a grip of it.

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