IWBUMS: Build 34.14
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IWBUMS 34.14 released:


  • Fixed changing lightbulbs not changing the color of the light. (Issue #79)
  • Fixed 3D model lighting (flipped x axis).
  • Fixed lightbulb color being lost after moving lamps.
  • Server spawn buildings are never randomized, and any zombies in them are removed when a player joins.
  • Barricades are allowed on both sides of a door/window.  For doors, barricades absorb all damage before the door takes any, to stop the door being destroyed before the barricades.  For windows, a barricade absorbs damage only when it is between the attacker and the window.  When removing a barricade, one plank at a time is removed.
  • Allow rain barrels to be moved. Potential mod breakage: IsoThumpable.setMaxHealth() now only sets MaxHealth, it doesn't set Health as well.
  • Moving carpentry objects preserves the original object's modData table.
  • Fireplace: Fixed crash when lighting.  Fixed sprite size/position.  Fixed light radius in multiplayer.
  • Rotten spices (such as mayonnaise) can't be added to a recipe unless cooking skill is high enough. (Issue #89)
  • Allow digging farm plots with a shovel.
  • The "Dig" context menu action now says "Dig With Hands" when the player doesn't have a shovel or trowel. (Issue #71)
  • Alarm sound stops playing sooner after fast-forwarding. (Issue #50)
  • Fixed most ??? and broken tiles in community maps that haven't been updated for the 2x tileset changes.  The 'sewer' tileset doesn't exist in 2x yet, it's used in many Bedford Falls garages so they still display ???.  These fixes should be applied when starting new games using community maps as well as loading old savefiles.
  • Fixed inventory-menu tooltips not going away sometimes when using the controller.
  • Added an in-game server settings editor.  This is basically the same as PZServerSettings, but is in-game so it can be translated.  It can be accessed by the new "Servers" button, which may go away once starting servers from the client is added.
  • The Sandbox options screen was redesigned.  There were changes to how Sandbox and server options are implemented, to make it easier for the developers to add new options in the future.  Please report any weird bugs with Sandbox or server options that these changes may have caused.
  • The zombies.ini files which held the advanced zombie options are no longer used.  Those settings are now regular Sandbox options.
  • Fixed an exception when climbing through a wall-without-window.
  • Fixed wall-without-window being blocked by furniture next to it.
  • Fixed ISCoordConversion, broken by 2x changes.  This caused problems removing grass behind walls.
  • Fixed fridge sound not coming back on when a generator is started.  Added freezer hum. (Issue #93)
  • Split evolved recipes Pasta into PastaPan/PastaPot, Rice into RicePan/RicePot.
  • Don't allow non-empty containers (i.e., Garbage Bags) to be used as carpentry materials. (Issue #97)
  • Display the translated name of tools in the furniture-moving info window.
  • Fixed Mayonnaise not adding calories/carbs/lipids/proteins to food when used as a spice. (Issue #92)
  • Clear the action queue when a player dies.  This fixes an exception when the player dies transferring inventory items.
  • Fixed campfire light radius not changing immediately after adding fuel.

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7 hours ago, EasyPickins said:
  • The "Dig" context menu action now says "Dig With Hands" when the player doesn't have a shovel or trowel. (Issue #71)

So good!

I almost bled to death twice in a week because of that.

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37 minutes ago, xXSly_WolfyXx said:

They are rare that's for sure. Hopefully they add more in the map at some point.

Me too, especially i actually play in winter ! i have to search more ! or if someone knows the location of one ?

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