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What sup guys, last night with my GF, we were thinking of ideas for PZ, and we came across the idea of NPCs, well we all know that the dev are working on NPCs. but the idea is for a more develop NPC mechanism.

First Idea was that NPCs should able to roam around the map not just stay in a single spot (Dev may have already thought about it).

Secondly, NPCs should be able to barricade their houses and/or either we tell them what to do.

Thirdly, Later in the development NPCs should be able to create a small community or like a small base. (like TWD tv show)

Fourthly, that would be cool to see NPCs that has interaction with the world, such as you see them walking in the street of Muldraugh, in group or single, you see them roaming, or you see a group of bandit looting a store.

Fifthly, each NPCs has their own little story and job, it can be generated by the game it doesnt have to be like scripted.

Last but not least, Would be cool with you would be able to trade with NPCs and that they have factions of NPCs. ex the Military faction, the bandit faction, the Savior faction(they are the nicer one), The cannibal faction (Thats self-explanatory)...


Maybe most of those Ideas were already taken I dont know but let me know :)


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2 minutes ago, sharkstertheshark said:

All of that is being implemented. I just want a slider that adjust how many NPCs spawn.

This will also be implemented (Though not as a slider), previously in Sandbox, there was an option for the NPC spawn amount (Not zombies, but NPCs) which was stuck at 'None' or something along those lines.

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