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I wrote this earlier today I put it in a spoiler 'cause the format went all jiggity




What's in the box?

It's a fox in a box!

With four lovely socks on his toes,

Where did the fox in the box get his socks?

He bought them with rocks, I suppose.


But when it is dark

Mister fox shall bark

and drag you right into his home.





So as I previously mentioned there's a sci-fi world building thing I've been doing, you can find the link below. My sentence structure is being reworked in some places as I wrote most of this at like, three in the morning... But with my recent realizations that I'm no good at programming and I have more fun writing anyways, I figured I'd post this here to see if I could get any good feedback other than "It looks gud m8"

Link Here

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Added link and scifi stuff, for some reason the format of the post is still jiggity.

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8 hours ago, Fuji said:


Goddamn, your coloring continues to be impeccable.


a  l o

 for the kind words fuji (: 

i was inspired heavily by bills town from tlou and a lot of the sunsets i photographed with my iphone in real life making skies is extremely fun and i wanna make a lot more in different conditions different cloud types and different day times and if the horizon clock ever happens again i wanna design some skies for a mod for it

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Edit: Forgot to mention, any constructive criticism welcome.


As promised, some terrible poetry. The first is just a freeform poem, no rhyme scheme or rhythm. The shape of the poem and how it sounds are what I focused on. Bonus points if you can guess the subject material; it may not be super obvious from the first reading. Hint is the title.







Sometimes I slough it off like a snake shedding skin

Freedom floats me away

But they say we can’t go



I hate it

It doesn’t fit, it’s awkward

Too baggy, bulky, tight, claustrophobic

It isn’t me, but it’s mine


Sometimes I shop for another

They’re usually not right

Too posh, too outlandish, too vague


I found one that felt right once

Nice fit, not too ragged

It was old and new, fitting dichotomy


I wore it for a while, felt comfortable in it


But all the while

A scratching, a tugging at the back

It wasn’t mine


And you just can’t do that,

They say

It’s not right, it’s not normal

It’s weird.


They scrutinize, analyze

Why? What happened

What’s wrong

It doesn’t fit

It isn’t you


I bite my tongue and peel it off, sadly

It was dirty anyway


And I can’t tell them

I don’t want some sticker from a stranger,

I want a tattoo seared into my soul,

If I must be branded with this, held down


Why do we put such stock in it?

It drags me down like an anchor

I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it

It was just given


Why do we let these ruffled ratty rags

Define us?

As if a person is nothing more than

The first one they don at birth


Are we not more? Do we not change?

Can a single monicker define

What an entire dictionary might not?


But I slide my tattered vestments back on

Uncomfortable, inaccurate, inescapable







And secondly, we have a proper poem with a rhyme scheme (and even an alliteration scheme). This one is somewhat autobiographical.






Clear like crystal and cold like ice

It gurgled glistening along the ground

Strong and unbroken, but far from paradise



It rushed ever, endlessly, only down

Fleeing the flaying of the falls behind

But seeking only not to drown



Finally, a glint of silver along its course

Something to seek for and strive for at last

A warm boulder, an untouchable force



Speeding quickly, it crashes against in vain

Riven the river, reaching recklessly

Dry still the boulder, but brook cleft in twain



It rushes still by seeking to subsume

Foam fingers flowing forward fearless

Hoping erosion will let them share the room



Beyond it continues only broken

Shattered streams split, no longer strong

Flowing forward forever

Waiting only for

A token

or words




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sorry for double post

i want my game to have some really low poly 3d human characters on a procedurally generated 2d space so i been learning some blender and made this

it took me a few tries because i didnt find good tutorials on making characters with reference images especially not low poly ones 




V NEW MODEL overhauled her after tons of trial and error and im pretty happy with it now the legs went from 5 sided to triangular also did better rigging and the whole UV stuff




Finished a Parka for her

now i need to rig it and look into making a male version and do that uv stuff with both i think




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I made 2 (Playable) maps for Modded Doom 2, I made the first because someone posted his first map ever (Which really sucked, it was a single room with tons of enemies) and I decided I can top that x100 so I downloaded the tools and started my own thing and then I experimented a bit which ended in a bunch of suck and then I made a third map which was playable like the first one.

I used the general philosophy of "Keep The Player Occupied" so there's always something to shoot at even while backtracking, also tried to keep the difficulty high and added plenty of secrets.


I have my own playthroughs of both my maps available on my channel, no commentary, if someone plays DooM with Project brutality, links in description.


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