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spent an hour on this and im finally done shes modular and switches to several clothing types and hairstyles and now im working on white, black and asian ethnicities too this ones latina but i think it can also easily pass off as arab

i like the style i got with this the most as its the minimalist kinda cartoony realistic pixel style im aiming for and im glad i got all the joints done well such as the knees and elbows bending perfectly

this is the result of hourrssss of dedicated work and im so happy and proud it paid off imo

any opinions or criticisms?


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25 minutes ago, DramaSetter said:

No criticism, she looks pretty good. Maybe a bit bored of life, but that's related to pixel-art stilistic.

thanks a lot i got some facial expressions such as shocked for when you see a corpse or encounter a slasher or happy when you smoke weed and interact with friends, this is like the indifferent emotion currently when u got nothing to do so i guess bored fits perfectly

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On 11/15/2017 at 5:45 PM, DramaSetter said:

And one interesting thing: enemies can stuck in gym furniture like this, if they lucky enough to walk near it.


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The animation looks real nice in the vid, what kind of software do you use?

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