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Vorpal Weapons - complete rewrite of Heroic Weapons

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-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Vorpal Weapons version 1.2.1: March 28, 2016
-- this is a mod for Zomboid which gives the player the chance to obtain
-- unique and powerful weapons.  after a certain number of kills your
-- weapon will improve a property and it's name will change.  properties
-- that may improve include: weight, damage, knockdown, range, durability
-- swing speed, etc.  it's still being tested, and though it is overpowered
-- by nature, i don't want to be too insanely overpowered.  as i test it
-- more and get feedback from people the values will be adjusted.  you're
-- free of course to fix things how you like, too. currently weapons will
-- upgrade after 10-29 kills and then again after 30-70 kills.
-- * Vorpal Weapons was adapted from tommysticks' Heroic Weapons mod
-- * first time i've written anything of substance in Lua, maybe it works
-- * thanks tommysticks, you had an awesome idea (but your code sucks)
-- * seriously tho, i've had a blast with your mod, so thanks
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Changelog 1.2.1 (March 28, 2016)
-- fix:  issue resolved where second upgrade sometimes wasn't applied
-- note: currently bugged weapons will remain bugged, sorry
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Changelog 1.2 (March 26, 2016)
-- feature: multiplayer support! yay!
-- fix: all weapons have been rebalanced, things should be mostly sane now
-- feature: mod blacklist.  Vorpal Weapons will disable conflicting mods
-- feature: future nerfs/buffs will apply to any vorpal weapons created
--          since this version (1.2)
-- fix: weapons created by test versions of mod will be autofixed
-- feature: probably a bug somewhere
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Changelog 1.1.3 (March 19, 2016):
-- fix: removed some test code which could interfere with repairs
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Changelog 1.1.2 (March 19, 2016):
-- fix: weapon stats are restored properly now
-- fix: swing speed nerfed, durability nerfed, range nerfed,
--      damage slightly buffed, still tuning
-- feature: your character will now say something when weapon transforms
-- fix: weapon weight was being lowered for every upgrade
-- fix: now receive proper events with parameters
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Changelog 1.0.1 (March 17, 2016):
-- feature: added support for secondary weapons
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- Changelog 1.0.0 (March 17, 2016):
-- things changed/added from Heroic Weapons:
-- no more repair or equip/unequip bugs or other durability bugs
-- merged it into one file and changed how everything works
-- many names are changed
-- most of the calculations are changed
-- weapons autorepair at prefix/suffix kills for now.
-- if anything is too ridiculously overpowered, please let me know...
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --
-- TODO:
-- tweak the values as needed
-- change naming scheme to something more like ultima online
-- i.e. exceedingly accurate, etc. so i can ditch some of the silly names
-- maybe more exotic weapon upgrades
-- by electroglyph/xenoglyph
-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --


Props to tommysticks. Without his mod this wouldn't be here. I really love his idea and it inspired me to (hopefully) improve upon it. Thanks PZ community! 

The Workshop version will be the current & maintained version.  It's provided here on the forums as a courtesy.

Any and all criticism is welcome.

Tested and working on 34.13 I<3BUMS





Edited by xenoglyph
1.2.1 update

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Updated to 1.0.1, secondary weapons are now working.


this thing's pretty buggy ATM and hilariously OP, though my gf had a blast. I have a proper fix in the works.  I decompiled the game to have a better look at Lua events, and realized that the code I copied is even more terrible than I thought.  Next version will handle events properly, which should (theoretically) automatically fix most MP issues.

Edited by xenoglyph

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I found a bug. If you play local coop and the player, wich has to get droped in by an controller, has a modded weapon in his inventory, after reloading the weapon just keeps its name and looses the effects.




If you have some questions just ask ^_^ but well im no coder


Have a nice day and yes nice mod :D


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