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Foraging filters beta


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Not sure about you, but this is starting to freak me out:


I won't burn this in ten years:



Simple foraging filters

puWu7xv.png Because I really suck at making GUI I raped the Crafting view to do some work for me. In the crafting window, there's now an additional tab called Foraging. Under this tab, all possible items are listed and you can toggle them on or off. Toggling is done by the star for favourites or by pressing F after selecting an item.


I understand the GUI work I did sucks ass but frankly I think this mod will be soon replaced by built-in feature or maybe the foraging will be reworked. Therefore I was looking for fast ad-hoc solution. I did my job carefully on overriding built-ins so this mod shouldn't break anything.


I will appreciate any testing on this. One flaw of modding is that you have less time to test the game and your own work.

Where are the settings saved?

Your preferences are saved in player modData table in foraging_filters sub-table. Note that items are not added until you change anything.


Sample settings screenshot Attached file, as usual.

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