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Hey I couldn't find another topic like this so I decided to make my own. If something like this already exists please post a link to that thread and I will delete this. This is basically a topic for people(like myself) who can't find a server or a group of like minded people to play with. I would like to have a server for a group of less than 25 dedicated players who could work together to build up a compound. This of course would include bits of RP and I would like to start the server at a time when a good amount of the players can be present. The server would be password protected and limited to those who contact those in charge of the server. If this is something that seems interesting message me on skype at jdog2018 my picture is a guy like ghost for old MW2 and if you don't know what that looks like it's just a soldier in a mask with a skull so yah. 

Thanks for your time. 

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