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Allow "equip in both hands" from equip primary/secondary, and vice versa

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Same with bags that can be equipped on your back.


Scenario: You're looting some place and come across a better bag. You have a backpack and a baseball bat. You put the better bag in your existing bag, go back to your base, and there you equip your baseball bat primary, and equip your better bag secondary.


Straight away, to equip your baseball bat primary, you must unequip it then equip primary. You do this to fight off zombies that may show up (I always keep a weapon equipped).


So now you equip your better bag secondary, and start transferring across your loot from your old bag (on your back) to the better bag (equipped secondary)


Now, how do you put the better bag on your back? That's right, you unequip both bags, then equip the better bag on your back.


Now, how do you put equip the baseball bat in both hands? Yep, same again, unequip then equip in both hands.


Really I'm suggesting a few things:



1) If you have a melee weapon equipped primary and another weapon equipped secondary, and you right-click another melee weapon and select "equip in both hands, the latter weapon should replace the former. Same with bags


2) If you have a bag on your back and you want to equip another bag on your back, the latter should replace the former. Same with melee weapons.


3) If you have a weapon equipped in both hands, and you equip something secondary, it should allow the weapon to be demoted to equipped primary.

Essentially the scenario described above should be smoother IMO.

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