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Make profession traits unremovable

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Currently, if you make a profession add a 'free' trait that isn't a profession-specific one, it can still be manually removed by the player (thus creating a second duplicate of the trait in the list).


This is a problem when we want to mod in our own professions that add existing traits.


While there could be other ways aroudn this, it requires modifying large amounts of code, and some that cannot be modded, so...


Would it be possible to make it so that *any* trait added for 'free' by a profession was 'locked' in place and unremovable when added in this way?


That way, manually adding - for example - the Graceful trait would allow the player to add and remove it during character creation, but a profession that added the same trait for free would *not* allow it to be removed unless another profession was chosen? This would be a big help too if someone wanted a profession to add a permanent 'negative trait' ("Pensioner" = low vision, for example) too.


If this requires a huge effort in the game code, I understand not doing it, but if it's a fairly simple change, could this perhaps be implemented?

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