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Journal of Pippo the Pothead

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 I decided to go with Pippo the Pothead for now.  Hope you enjoy the story.


July 9th, afternoon:


I saw Frank and Fiona in the streets.  Frank and Fiona are my neighbors and also some of my regular clients.  


Business has been slow since the curfew.   I normally went to my secret field at the North Farm at the cover of Darkness. With the military vehicles patrolling the street the past few days I didn't want to risk it.


I haven't seen any of these vehicles since yesterday afternoon. I wonder what has changed.


Anyway, I'll go see what Frank and Fiona wanted.



July 9th, later.


What is going on?   


I killed them!?!   I killed them!?!


They were coming at me.  Their skin was pale and their eyes bloodshot.    


I just wanted to explain to them that I didn't have any merchandise anymore.


I smoked my last joint yesterday.


I brought my radio with me to share with them the newscast that was coming up on LBMW.


They just attacked me.   I managed to push them away.   Fiona hit her head badly when she fell on the ground.   


Her head must have hit a rock or something because she wasn't getting up and blood was pouring out of her skull.


Frank was looking at me with his bloodshot, glassy brown eyes.


If it wasn't for the blood drooling from his mouth, he could have looked like he was stoned.


I knew better.    


I managed to avoid his lunge toward me and I pushed him on the ground.  


I heard a loud crack and his right foot was twisted.


Frank didn't complain at all, he got back up and starting moving toward me, his foot at a weird angle.


I told him to stop, that I was sorry about Fiona.


He just wouldn't stop coming at me.


Now he's on the ground in his pool of blood right beside Fiona.


Their pool of blood merging together.


So much blood...


I've decided to go check their house. 


Maybe they haven't smoked everything I sold them last week. It normally lasted them two to three weeks.


July 9th Evening.


Has I approached their house, a man I didn't know came toward me.  He had the same complexion has Frank and Fiona.


He also tried to grab me.    


He's now on the ground just like Frank and Fiona.


I never got in a fight before and I already killed so many of them.


I went to the side door to get inside Frank's house.  He normally keeps a key under a rock near that door.  


Hope was there.  She was banging on the door.


She had large laceration marks on her arms and legs, blood slowly oozing out of them.


It took me a few seconds to noticed the broken window with glass shards covered in blood.

Was it there that Holly had cut herself?


By then she turned her head and noticed me.


Shit! She had the same complexion and was coming toward me.


No, not you too Holly.


Holly was a good friend.    

She didn't always have enough money for my produce but she made it up in other ways.


Now she's dead too, just like Frank and Fiona.


I spent a few pointless minutes trying to find the key.


I grabbed a tree branch and removed the broken glass from the window before entering in Frank and Fiona's bathroom.


I freaked out for a few seconds when I was inside.


There was a woman, lying on the floor of the bathroom with a gun near her hand.    

She had a bite mark on her neck.  

She was half sitting, her head was stuck in the corner of the door.

She either fell or was pushed with enough force to break her back skull on the corner of the door.


I didn't find much in Frank and Fiona's house.


I stopped by Garry's house which is the next one over.  

Garry must have had a party when the shit hit the fan.  

His friend Bruce was with him along with 5 hot chicks.

They are all dead now.   They were all infected and all tried to attack me.

So much blood.

There was still a bottle of whiskey in Garry's house.  

One of three things that help me sleep.


I keep having nightmares anytime I try to close my eyes since the car accident.

Getting piss drunk, sleeping pill, or my personal favorite smoking a joint are the only way I can get any sleep.  

At least, with this bottle of whiskey, I should be able to sleep tonight.


I also found some party pills on one of the guests.  

You take one and you have no worries in the world.  

Zombies don't scare you when you are on one of those purple pills.


Dr. Summers house had been ransacked.  

The back door had been broken in.  

There was no sign of her.  

She was one of the two doctors that worked at Cortman's.

Her house was just in front of the clinic.


Shit someone must not have blamed the Doctors for not being able to treat this infection.  

Cortman's clinic was burnt down to the ground.


 Fuck Me!  I found a cabinet that was still intact in the burnt rubble.


There was no burnt body.  I really wonder what happened to Dr. Summers.


I found some sleeping tablets and two bottle of Beta Blockers.  

The Pharmacetical version of the Purple Pill.

Nice stash.  

Just need to grab a bit more food and I should be good for a few days.


July 10th Noon:


Finally back home.

I stopped by the convenience

There were 6 of these things near my doors.  

I swung at one of them with a baseball bat I had found.  

They come at me too quickly.


I just swung like crazy hitting arms, legs until the bat broke.  


I fled to Fiona and Frank's house hoping to loose them through the front door while they followed me to the window.  

In my panic, I took a wrong turn and had to run upstairs.

Fortunately, they didn't all follow me at once.


One by one they came and I was able to bring them down.


Frank and Fiona's bedroom floor is now drenched in blood, so much blood.  


I'm just going to listen to the news.  

Then I will get shitface drunk and get some sleep.


The TV was still on and there are reports of riots and plane flying from the Exclusion Zone.   


Time to get some sleep.

The sleeping tablet would work but I wanted something stronger than that to take the edge off.

Man this is good schtuff.


I think... Is that Gunshot?  Fuck It... Sleep....


July 11th, Morning.


Fuck I have a headache.  


Still no smoke.


Need to listen to the Radio.

Then I might have to risk a trip to the Fossoil Gas Station or maybe the Motel by the trailer park.

They normally have cigs.


June 11th, later.


Wow a firebomb in Detroit and setting a store on fire in L.A.  

What is going on?

People need to calm the fuck down so that the government can concentrate their resources here.


Night of July 11th to July 12th.


Fuck they stormed my house.


I was too tired to fight.  I think I lost them.


I'm going to smoke some weed, get some sleep and I will assess the situation in the morning.


Back in that bloody room in Frank and Fiona.


It stinks like Hell in here but, at least, it's quiet.


July 12th evening:


I found a magazine that explains how to make a HAM radio and I've decided on my plan.   


There's a small house near the North Farm as wall as an abandon cabin.


I'll set up the radio by the house and setup base by the abandoned cabin.

I often did trades there before this place went to shit.  

I'll be close to my field and the radio.


I can try to rally any survivors that there might be.


I've loaded all of my food in two hiking bag.  



Hopefully the weight won't be too much. 


It will be a little while before I continue the story has I want to focus on helping test the nutrition system and will be playing a more optimal playthrough.


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