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Server Manager Linux Script


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Hello everyone,


I've got an Ubuntu Server 64 bit VM that I would like to host a Project Zomboid server on. I have used this VM for hosting an Ark: Survival Evolved server in the past. I was able to manage this very easily with a tool called arkmanager. It did everything from installing the game, starting/stopping the server, and updating the game/mods. Does anyone know of a tool similar to this for Project Zomboid? If not, could anyone point me in the direction of a current (most scripts I've found seem to be outdated) script that will automatically start the server on Linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Here's an update on this tool for anyone interested in using it:


After some initial hiccups, I've found that this tool works out pretty great. It pretty much work as you'd expect, minus 2 things.


1: When you start the server for the first time, it will fail due to the missing servertest.ini (this will now be created by the script). After the initial fail, you can then go on to modify this file to your liking. You can also get the servertest.ini file from the LGSM Github.


2: When you first start the server with a valid servertest.ini file, you will seemingly not be prompted for the admin password. However, you actually are being prompted in the console. To set this, type ./pzserver console. In here you will see the request for an admin password.


I still want to try some more things out, such as resetting my server and adding mods, but so far this is working pretty well!

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