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Checksum Error ORM Real Gun Mod


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Hi all,


Today i've a problem with my server and specially with the checksum verification, i've install Hydrocraft and no problem it works, client can acess to the server, etc...


But I would had ORM Gun Mod, and they're error with checksum verification and I don't know why because we use the same version of the workshop...


Someone can help me ?

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Ok i've resolve my problem !!!


If you take the model loader for ORM Real Gun Mod, you need to erase your Project Zomboid folder into [steamApps/Common/Project Zomboid] because they're severeal remaining files that you can't delete with the steam uninstaller.


After deleting and reinstalling ALL files and folder, you can access to the server perfectly.


/!\ Don't use Model loader from you server, more problems than amusement /!\


I hope it can helps some of you.

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