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Sadly, I'm unable to finish some projects.
As I do not have the same amount of spare time when I started building.
So I share all the _.tbx-files I used (Free for all). And hope it will help other members with there projects.
* Downtown


Included, are some (adjusted) buildings made by other members:
 - DoctahWong_Cortman Medical
 - Doublebrain_ Abandoned Factory
 - Jinja_ House-1 and House-2
 - Veged_Small House
 - Phex_Garages
 Thanks, to those members for sharing.
* Oil-Gas/Container/Grain Terminal






Have Fun!
Kind regards,

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* Manhattown

Unfinished mod, based on a part of Manhattan.



Place the "Manhattown" folder inside your  ".../Zomboid/Workshop" folder to explore (no foraging).


What is there to explore?


- 92 appartments

- 66 clothesstores

- 48 offices (or educational)

- 33 restaurants

- 20 empty places

- 16 shoestores

- 14 cafe's

- 11 beautystores

- 11 luggagestores

- 8 bars

- 8 furniturestores

- 8 garages/storageunits

- 6 aesthetics (hairdressers)

- 5 electronicstores

- 5 artist gallery's

- 4 pharmacy's

- 4 hotels (lobby's only, including The Plaza)

- 4 bookstores

- 3 housewarestores

- 3 medicals (doctor,spa)

- 2 fitness shops

- 2 theatre's

- 2 laundrystores

- 2 giftstores (including The Dairy Visitor Center and Giftshop)

- 2 musicstores

- 1 church

- 1 zippeestore

- 1 bakery (messed up due to the 2x_tiles)

- 1 grocery

- 1 candystore

- 1 toystore

- 1 zoo (replica of the Central Park Zoo )

- 1 gunstore

- 1 generalstore

- ...







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On 1/26/2017 at 9:54 AM, Man_In_The_Purple_Hat said:

dear god this is amazing. beautiful, absolutely beautiful. is this connected to the vanilla map in anyway? if not I shall be sad lol. I always like having tons of areas to go explore on one big map haha. But if i knew how to connect it I totally would, but alas I do not :(


I should be able to connect it for you if you so desire. 



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Thank you all, for the lovely comments.

I hope to find some time to start exploring the "2x_tiles" later this year, to add some more buildings or to update the tbx-files already shared. Nice to see that other community members make good (and creative) use of the tbx-files.

@RushAll Network.it 

Downtown is available in the steam-workshop or for download at the WIP forum. Currently it is 'On Hold'.

Manhattown is only available for exploring. I do not share it at the steam-workshop, because it is unfinished for now. 

But don't forget that patience can be a virtue, so maybe it will show up somewhere, in the future ...


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