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Doublebrain's last posted custom tiles

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Back in May 2015, Doublebrain posted some mysterious looking custom tiles which some speculated were for trains.


When I saw them I knew immediately what they were intended for and I also knew why Doublebrain (at least on the surface) stopped further work as I had been trying to do the same "building" for quite some time.


After my recent efforts with the huge Tanker ship and quite a few train cars, trucks and metro-train-cars, I thought I would put out the idea of collaborating on realising what I believe Doublebrain was trying to create and that Zomboiders.....is a fully accessible AEROPLANE! 


The original thread where those sprites were u/l'ed.




Any takers?



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if a plane the challenge of Doublebrain, is to leave this to someone who wants to finish the job, I was working on this project for several months but leave it on pause due to studies, I hope soon to follow with the design of the tiles others missing in any case if some other artist who wants to devote himself to finish the job, so be it.

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As per Doublebrain's post:

"I just gonna leave this here and let you guys have fun with it. If anyone wants to continue on it or get some inspiration I'll be glad, because I think I'm just too lazy to finish a big project"

Before this was even posted, I (as well as lots more modders I'm sure) had been trying to get some custom tiles working for a plane and a helicopter.

I had some success with making a complete tiled model but the tiles themselves did not work well in TiledZ when it came down to tiling up an aeroplane 'building. Not happy with a static model I have tried and tried to do a tileable set for airctaft.

What I realised was that almost every single tile would have to be different and if a job becomes a chore then it's no fun.

I got excited about the tutorial on drawing up a 3D model in Sketchup in orthographic view, well scaled and then export to image editing app to cutit up into tiles. The link to this has never worked for me and I have not been able to find it elsewhere via Google.

If this knowledge was shared, it would greatly speed up the production process for all types of vehicle creation. I would love t see a "Planes, trains and automobiles" Zomboid challenge map!

Do you have a copy or a working link? PM me if you do or indeed anyone else for that matter.

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