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2 Cell Port & Industrial Map

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Hey Zomboid map modders!


I have been busy last few weeks and during any downtime I've had I've entertained myself with some casual mapping.


Between one edit here and there and a few long sessions into the early hours of the morning, unable to steal myself away from the TiledZ, the result is coming together quite nicely. 


Far from finished and probably loads of errors but here follow some screen grabs of the area with a few more focusing on individual Lots, Buildings and Rooms.




Not all buildings' interiors are furnished, but there is a lot of it done. As you can see, there is a power plant, the port itself and a pier with a (albeit square) lighthouse.There's also a dump/scrap yard, fire-station/house, multi-storey car-park, a BargainClothes distribution/factory and a train-yard with transport trains!




The Main port has cranes, a Customs area, warehousing and containers with which I mapped a simple maze with tight corners etc.The pier to the south of the main port area needs a lot of work, eventually it will contain a shopping/mall area with a metro terminus and station as well as a passenger terminal for cruise ships. Here's the metro area so far...




The biggie is obviously the mahussive tanker ship.




It is huge and seems un-finishable at times. The entire ship and all it's decks (floors) are accessible. There are the cargo areas below deck with more containers and general storage (crates etc) and of course, engineering:




Then we have the trains. An engine and about 6 or 7 different types of trucks with assorted cargo containers.




Just to add today's effort, a multi-storey car-park. All it needs is some vehicles (soon please!)




If anyone wants more screen grabs of other buildings (or closer, more detailed images of one's posted in this OP) then let me know, or indeed info on any aspect of how they were done, happy to oblige.


Comments, critique, feedback and any pointers are also very welcome.


Hope everyone likes. Oh! And if anyone knows how to make a good tile/s for a liquified gas truck (those pressurized round containers that sit on the back of those trailers on wheels that deliver gas/petrol to gas/petrol-stations or those big round gas deposit buildings usually found nearby ports and docks then get in touch. I have tried, but my art skills are not so good and doing circular or curved objects in orthographic view I find difficult.





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