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Idea for claiming safe houses


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So when NPC's release I suggest we use a similar system to what State of Decay does as far as safe house tagging goes. You say 'our place' and boom everyone moves. It's complicated and might mean some internal grouping but I think that'll be the easiest way to do it. Maybe right click and "mark as safe house" or something and everyone in your 'group' will just know it is the safe house. But only the leader can do it. Meaning if you aren't the leader you can't. Sometimes I hate responsibility and if it was up to me every time it would suck. Unless the leader ordered you to of course but then I'd just tell him to go fall off a bridge cause frankly I'm not doing it. lol

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I would like to see a system where we could 'highlight' an area and have that as the designated base. Of course, there should be maximum regulations, tweakable of course, so you couldn't claim the entire map. That way, it would be possible to have a meager campsite out in the woods made of tents, or whatever else. The closest system I can think of to compare it to would be Prison Architect.

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