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PZ Auto-Map - A Basic Application Suggestion

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I started a new topic here about a suggestion I had early.

I'm posting it here too, which seems to be the right place to post my idea for most views.


The concept is simple : Having a map on Project Zomboid!

I know, we arleady have the "Project Zomboid Map Project".


1. The idea is to obtain that map as a "background" in a stand-alone application.


2. The map could change dependently what mod you are using :

If you use Bedford Falls, then the app. should add it to the map, just like the website.


3. Once done, Admin Tools has a Map thing in lua script, only working server-side ( !!! )

Maybe we can dig in to find how to get the player coords and assign it to the app.

It must be Client and Server Side! Both !!! Forget about the "Admin" commands...


4. A icon should appear on the map using the exact coords of the player in game.


5. As a stand-alone application, the Auto-Map could be the best friend of every traveller. It might be cool to zoom in and out, just like the website I mentionned above.


6. It could shows an entire black and undiscovered map until you move around, slowly showing up the new areas you just discovered. To discover the cover, the true meaning of travelling.


7. Unfortunately, People playing with controllers won't be able to use it with ease I guess?


The goal is to have a real quick access to our location without having to scroll and search to ... where the hell am I ?! Oh! Is that the street I just crossed? GOD! WHERE AM I ?!


Indeed, it is not THAT hard to locate ourself but just a pain in the a**,


What do you think?




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