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Imperator's awful survival attempt..


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Let's play Project Zomboid!


Hello everyone, first time on this forum but I bring videos! I have recently started a Project Zomboid let's play and am sending out an invitation for you to check it out. I know what you're thinking, why should you watch my let's play over the other hundreds out there? Well frankly, unlike my other series I am working on (Europe Universalis IV) I can't say I'm doing anything really different.


Before I make you lose your interest let me explain, I am absolutely in love with the atmosphere of this game and I have always been very excited to release a few videos or a story on it. The reason I feel like just doing a generic let's play is because I don't want to take away from the games already perfect atmosphere. Adding silly music or jump-cuts would only lower the drama of the experience. (Yeah.. so much for that.. S2E1) Saying that, it will still be a comedy because I'm not the best player in the world and I love pointing out my mistakes.


TL;DR, Give it a look!


What will the series bring?

  • Zombies. Did you see that one coming?
  • Regular updates (typically at least an episode uploaded every second day)
  • Open to feedback. Want to tell me how to be better or just prove further that I suck at this game? Feel free! I'll be reading through comments as best I can
  • Progression. I am not a super-famous high-budget youtuber. I'm a guy that has a passion for this game and wishes to present it. However, as I produce more episodes I will obviously become better at editing and more efficient and hopefully it will show.
  • Standardized layout. I have a proper microphone for recording, I produce in 720p and my videos have intro and outro's. I also have some music produced for my channel but it isn't necessary since the soundtrack is amazing and allowed to be used. None of this obviously improves the let's play but, it shows that I'm trying to produce quality videos.

After all that, I hope I have convinced you. Or at least you just scrolled down until you hit the link. Either way, enjoy!




Episode #1: Achillius DeVernaco

Episode #2: Once Bitten...

Episode #3: Happy House Warming!

Episode #4: Bush Whacking

Episode #5: The Hordes are Restless

Episode #6: Once Bitten...again

Episode #7: Achillius's Inglorious Demise



Episode #1: Stephen Bell

Episode #2: Domestic Issues

Episode #3: 

Episode #4: 

Episode #5: 


Will there be an Episode 6? No idea, haven't played that far :P


I won't schedule anything for S2 as I have lined up way too many little projects for myself so I will miss something. I'll try to keep to at least 3 a week (pushing to 5).


If you want to see more, please let me know. Reply to this thread or comment on the videos!

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Bringing out the Aussie in me, 'I hit a snag'. Episode 4 is under review at the moment (though is unlisted). Hopefully it will be resolved before my release date. The title music was Creative Commons and all other images and music was part of PZ itself (which the dev's have claimed are allowed to be used after purchasing the game under conditions) so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.


None the less I will be sticking to my release date which I will update this post with shortly.

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Might have had a little over-reacting when I postponed Season 2. Turns out I can just cancel monetization and let the video still be watched rather than make you wait a couple of weeks. Unfortunately due to these issue I will have to push my schedule back a little but I'd rather have you seeing the videos now rather than make you wait a week or two for me to make about 2c.


All in all, sorry for the delay and confusion. I'll post Episode 1 of Season 2 shortly.

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 I about died when you started to play that music in the video i will not spoil it but i was eating a pop tart and inhaled it. Was rather painful but it was still worth it :) I Love the comments you put in video. You should have way more subscribers IMO but you will get there just takes time :)

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Seeing your comments at the end of pretty much every episode has helped keep my spirits high more than you know :). Although it would be nice to log on to my account one morning and see an extra few hundred subscribers, I would be quite happy for now if I got enough views a day to join a network to be legally covered..somewhat so I can stop reading through fair-use, game T&C's and what not before deciding to do a LP series.


Your comments are always welcome and appreciated and thanks for to encouragement!

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Well. I dun derped.


Went to finish editing Episode 3 of the next season (pretty much go over everything for a final check before uploading) when I noticed that there was no audio for me. Premiere said I was missing the sound file. thinking this was odd I checked the location and to my horror the sound file was gone. Did I accidentally delete it? Oh well, at least I have the original wav file...


Turns out I didn't and this wasn't one of the mass-edit in audacity jobs I have had to do so I didn't save an AUP file.


So...what now? I have three options.


  1. I could still use the footage I have and do post-commentary over it
  2. I could just tell you what happened so far and start on episode 5 (you'll only miss 2 episodes)
  3. I could count this as season 1.5 and start a new one

Let me know! Till then I'll just work on a couple of other projects

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