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EasyAccess v1.4

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EasyAccess 1.4

for Project Zomboid


Sometimes you just wished your bags can be opened without equipping them to save time. Now with this mod all bags in your inventory can be accessed easily.


This mod enables you to:
1. See an icon of all containers in your main inventory at the inventory sidebar.
2. Access content of said icon by clicking it.
3. Drag and drop items to the icon to move it.

4. This mod no longer break the see content of bag on ground nor freezers.

You will not get these benefits:
1. You will still not be able to access bags inside of another bag.
2. You will not get any weight reduction bonus unless you equip them






Steam Workshop link



This mod will not be possible without:
Svarog who show me the way with his Quick Containers Mod


Version History:


17/01/2016 v1.0

Initial launch of the mod

24/01/2016 v1.1

since build 33.19 the mod breaks the see content of bags on ground.

fixed the above problem

v1.2 was for the initial build 34 but i forgot to release

09/08/2016 v1.3 fixes freezers not displaying

12/02/2017 v1.4 fixes bugs when load on v36.4

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Hi guys this mod is updated to v1.1 for those that uses this mod pls update to the latest version because the previous one (v1.0) broke the see content of bags on the ground introduced in build 33.19. thx

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The fixing of the freezers not showing up is awesome! Most of the quick/easy access mods don't do that.  I like to be able to only have some bags able to be accessed from the inventory so I will probably make some changes for my game but this mod has been added to my must have list =)

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