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Project Exodus [24/7 US East][PVE+PVP]

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Project Exodus [24/7 US East][PVE+PVP]






Disturbances (Events)  Ongoing:


Saga: 12 Years Later


​"I'm not sure who's left out there, but they probably stick to themselves.. I gotta make a name for myself, settle down somewhere. I heard there was business in New Denver or West Point.. Let's see if I can make it.


It's shoot or be shot."


(Various events will conduct on certain days of the server)




Project Exodus was created by one of the staff members from Zeeks Haven, RichCoconut. I simply wanted to make a server in the world where the community truly drives it. You guys choose the leaders, who runs what town, etc. Begin your path here today! I wanted to create a server as an experiment to allow the players to doctrine the laws of the land and the staff to only intervene when necessary. We will conduct events and the server will expand and stay here for PZ as long as there is a community for it!


Donation Info: 


If you would like to support Project Exodus by donating, click on the “Donate Now” button below! All donations help us to maintain our site, reduce lag time on the server, and bring other really cool ideas and events to you guys! All donations of $10 and above will get the following:



+Protection of losing items/progress from game-related or server issues

+Exodus Membership (perks listed soon)

+Name listed on front page & Hall of Souls

+In-Game currency for server store

+Be part of the backbone fueling the server and website, as well as future events planned and expansions



Server Rules: 

1. No racist/sexist/homophobic slurs or context allowed.

2. No spawn killing allowed.

3. KOS allowed, however no killing allowed within community bases.(Kick/Mute.)

4. No advertisement of other servers. (Kick/Mute.)

5. No using other programs or scripts, mods, etc. to recieve and advantage. (Auto-Ban)

6. No character reloading. (Auto-Ban)

7. No spam chat. (Mute for an extended period of time.)

8. No interrupting ongoing official events.

9. Do have a great time!

10. Write lore to expand the universe!



Server Info: 


Host: Citadel Servers









*Looking for admin/staff to help run the server, if interested - PM me!

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