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Since There is No Sleep in Multiplayer...

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...there is some abuse to the sleep mechanic.

So, apparently, sleep in multiplayer is to be added, which it should be, however, it is not there just yet, which means that anything sleep-related is irrelevant.

That means you could take the 'Restless Sleeper' and 'Sleepyhead' negative perks for multiplayer and they would not affect you at all, they would just give you additional points you can spend. That is 10 extra points for a missing feature; I wouldn't call that something to be ignored and not a priority.

Also, since there is no sleep, it  makes some items, such as sleeping tablets, useless.


  1. So, my obvious suggestion is that you, at least temporarily, add the Minecraft-like sleeping - where if everyone goes to sleep, time passes fast, otherwise it's real-time. I know it has been suggested a multitude of times, but it still isn't here and it's desired by many!
  2. And my other suggestion is: either remove sleep-related perks from multiplayer, or in multiplayer make them add no points, as they are irrelevant. Till sleep is implemented, it should be this way.

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