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Newbie Mapper Questions

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Hello everyone!

I've been playing PZ for about 4 years now (I created a Desura account specifically to buy PZ) and let me just say that it's one of my favourite games ever.
And now i've gotten a couple of friends playing with me. I actually bought it as a Christmas gift for a friend and it's a blast to survive the zed-apocalypse with buddies.

And we've decided to try and do what everyone would love to see. Their own neighbourhood in a game :D

I've used Thuztor's amazing guide for the mapping tools and i've managed to create my house!



For comparison:



I'm starting to teach my friends how to use the mapping tools so we can all build the map together but I still have some questions that i'm sure some of you more experienced mappers can help me with:


  • We would like to create our neighbourhood, but we'd possibly look to expand it to reach another friend's house. If we start a map, say 6x6 cells, could we expand it further and add like 5 cells horizontally/vertically?
  • Can I create "half-walls" (similar in function to fences/railings)? The idea is easier shown than explained:


I have that, but it's a full wall. How can I make it a "half-wall", something akin to a railing?

  • About lighting, what do I need to do so that if the building has power, you can turn the lights on and off? Just add the switch to the walls? Will the ones marked in red work?



That's all I can remember right now. Thanks!

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You would choose the wall placement icon in Tiled and Drag wall for how long you want it.


Light switch and type of light is all you need.


Extending cells after the fact of making a map hasn't really worked well for me.


I am building a 6 x6 at the moment.



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"Half-walls" only exist for certain types of walls. You have to place one light switch in a room, so you could have light in that room. Lamps can also be put in the room while there's already a light switch in the said room.

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