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[PC] Battle Splash - Action-packed Third-person Water Shooter game

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Hi! We are Dranya Studio, a small indie game development team from Hanoi, Vietnam. This is our very first title to have a public release. We decided to name it Battle Splash because it features Third Person Shooter gameplay and uses Water Combat as the main mechanic.




Battle Splash is a third-person shooter filled with actions and water splashes. The game is the combination of Old-School Element and the Class-based Shooter, which results in a Frenzy and Balance gameplay. The aim of this game is to create a Fun, Intense, Non-Violence and Exciting atmosphere for players in Competitive modes as well as Co-operative modes. Choose your favorite Characters and Challenge your friends (or even AIs) for Epic Fast-paced Water Fights.


Current Features:

- 4 play modes, including 2 Competitive modes and 2 Co-op/Competitive modes.

- 3 maps, from small to large areas.

- 4 Classes, each possesses different stats and an unique Special Item.

- 4 Basic Weapons (which are available for all Classes).

- Up to 4 Teams for each maps (may vary in the future).

- Optimizing for up to 24 ~ 32 players. AIs included.

- Support LAN and Direct Join. Online play is under experimentation


We've finished the game mechanics and now we're currently developing more and more contents for the game. We want to make this game relaxing and entertaining, thus requires a lot of works in order to complete the game (due to our very limited resources).


We would like to show you some of our real-time rending demo clips on YouTube. The gameplay of Battle Splash still haven't been revealed yet, and we'll do so in the nearest time.




And here's some of our rendering images. Some of them may representing the current state of our game, while there will be more drastic changes during our development.






















Feel free to comment and send us feedbacks so that we know what you think of our game.


Stay tuned for more info in our page as well as our social media with the links below.



Thank you for reading and Have a nice day! :D

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Although this is somehow a little bit rehash of our previous images, we would like to put Temiko into the Countryside map as a test of compability between the character and the environment.
Also, we would like to show you the archived images of old prototypes in Battle Splash. These early versions of our project was created by using the former Unity 4 engine. After the transition of Unity 5, we have to take lots of time to convert our project in terms of new implementations.
And here's the assets of Suburban Town in the old prototypes. We had made it by ourselves by using Blender as the main modeling tool.


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Winter is coming! *plays Game of Thrones tune*


Actually this isn't Game of Thrones, but a new exciting and dazzling environment that will make an appearance in our game, Battle Splash.











Although this is a little bit off-topic, we'd like to show you the concept prototype of a Tower to be appeared in our game. It's made with various trading cards and we based on that to put it in a map called Paper World. (And of course, we will NOT put Yu-gi-oh! in our game because of copyright infringements)





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Sorry for the slow update of Battle Splash in recent days. Here's latest development progress with 2 clips taken directly from the game. The first clip shows the first weapon test with the iconic [water] launcher, while the second one presents first footages of our new revamped map, Paper World.





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After nearly 1 1/2 months of silence, we would like to present to you our in-game sneak peek of Battle Splash. This trailer includes the first look of the story in Battle Splash with cinematic segments and a little bit of gameplay with sceneries and splashes. The video itself is 100% rendered in real-time graphics with Unity engine. It is a representative of actual graphics and gameplay of current work-in-progress development. 




After the trailer had been posted on last weekend, our game has just reached #1 rank of Most Popular Game in IndieDB for the first time. Many great thanks for your support that contributing to our success! You can check our latest article in IndieDB with the following link:



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