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US Army 7th SOTF Operations in Kentucky

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Since the Apocalypse (and server reset 1Jan) the 7th SOTF is setting up operations in Kentucky. A small team has been dropped into West Liberty and is attempting to help the local population in this sector.

7th SOTF will be setting up C&C(Command and Control) networks, Safe houses support for local population, weapons cashes and food, and S-1 thru S-4 Military structure. SFC Katness is now forming a SOFT team. If you would like to be a part contact her in Game or me here.


S-1 team.... Soldier support. Establish 7th Group Cashes near local population safe houses. Supplies needed ..Weapons, Food, Commo, Clothing, Nails, Axes, ect..

S-2 Commo and Security.... Establish listening posts on all frequencies, rosters of the locals, who to trust and not trust, assist these contacts as needed with engaging the local population with force. Let local law enforcement do there job. We just supply Intelligence.

S-3. Operations. Contact SFC Katness for Current Operations.

S-4. Supply I you join the 7th SOTF you need to be able to survive deep in Zombie Occupied territory able to operate most on your own. Your mission as in Special Operations is to train and support the local without becoming to involved. We don't want any Kilgore's or Apocalypse Now style leaders who try to control the population. Our mission is to help the locals with our skills to survive until Civilization and Democracy can take hold.

.....More information to follow in further communications....

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To Enlist post here...

We accept all Nationalities, Languages, Backgrounds, and SOTF assignments from any Nation to help Save this Community.

So far we are working with a local named Randy to establish a Safehouse East of Mul. at a Local Farm. Just tell him Katness sent you. He is in need of Nails, Food, Clothing, and Seeds.

News Report...

Zombies are in Mass Groups in Mul near Police station and Southern Housing area. Groups of 100+ Zombies. Lumber has fallen and is overrun. Attempting to establish a safe house West of Lumber in an abandoned trailer.

Special Operations fighters attempt to establish Cashes that only you know of to supply these Local Safehouse. If you find a local Safehouse report it here. If you've established a Cash or SOTF safehouse tell no one but mark it with a Notebook explaining that this is an Special Ops location so SOTF supports finding it will leave it alone.

Report any Locals establishing a Safehouse in West Liberty or Bridge Community so we can assist them.

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Hi there. Is this topic still alive? 


My name is Spitfyre (My old clan mates called me spit) I'm 22 years old and from South Africa. I have a mic and TS and would love to chat with someone sometime to get a feel for the clan. I haven't role-played before but am keen to give it a try.


Please inbox me if you're keen to meet up.



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