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California, Ky

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UPDATE 8/19/16


The Map is now given to public in order for it's completion. In case of wanting to mod California in anyway. 


Dropbox Link Below


Entire Cali v2 Map, and Buildings from All of PZ World.




California, KY (Manual File Installation) 


https://www.dropbox.com/s/4b4sqkjucm1mmak/California%2C Ky.zip?dl=0


Directions on how to get to California the fastest way. 


Think of your points of the Compass as Such. 


Muldraugh= South

WestPoint = North

Bedford= East



Head West From West Point down the River (Opposite from Going to the Mall) 








So I have (Finished Louisiana, Ky for the most part, waiting on feedback to tweak what needs it) and I have an Idea for a 6 x 6 cell to fill the top of the map above West Point with the River.


Image for Reference.




Image above Edited on 8/15/16


I have tidied up the Veg map to allow me to finish the river north.


srandiny is working on a bridge. I am hoping to get a Good Golden Gate to cross the river. Not sure If I want two bridges that cross the river yet.

Sieben has a great building that I would love to use. Kinda inspired me for the city of California. I would like to have tall buildings for the most part in here. And for the outlaying cities of California I will make them more rural.



Has All of the Military Bases and Whatnot that I am going to use, Plus this massive Hotel!



Tell me what yall think. I will need help with some buildings as usual to populate the map. I have plans for field areas and outdoor tourist attractions. We will see how this goes. I plan on this map taking upwards of a couple months.



Jela331 seems to think that I won't give Credit Where it's Due.

So Please, If someone has built something that I might or might not use in my Map, Please Don't go Ham. I have no problem Giving Credit to anyone who Helps with this map, Has buildings that I would like to use,  and or even attempts to play it. I will do everything In my power to find out where I have gotten the file and Give credit to that person for allowing someone (Myself included) to use it.






EDIT: Mad Props to  srandiny For Building the Goldengate bridge!!

Also Way2sp00ky Has a Gorgeous Bank I might need to Use. Love its setting. Also has Supplied Coffehouse and Offices.

mads232 Has a city house (His house actually that I think would look great for neighborhood houses in Cali!

Neutralnz1 has a checkpoint that I am using as well ;) + The Large Hotel of His. Need a golf course to go with that, Also the Med Center would Be Great for the Big City

Pjuux    Has some wicked buildings that could be fantastic around the city as well

cmseter has a fantastic bathhouse that I would love to incorporate.

BeastlyBean for the Lost Church :)

Maklane for the Bloody Restuarant

Marcelmarceau for the french church!

BeastlyBean for the Lost Church

Traya Aclus  for the Confederate house and Industrial Plant ;)

Z3759xy for the Contribution of the Downtown buildings!



Edited by TheCautiousOne
Update Map

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Anyone have any ideas on where the road from the top of West point could connect to the 6 x 6 ?




The overlay of Drayton doesn't touch the edge of the 6 x 6 :huh:  So I couldn't connect a road there either.




Honestly, one could just run the River straight north to California.. But I am not sure.




EDIT: I have modified the Veg map of Cells 4,4: 4,3: 5,4: 5,3: 5,1: 5,0 So one could easily run to it without having to tredge through the forest.

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I have an Idea!!! There are tile in West point that I could connect to California.


I would need to modify the Tiles of


8,9: 7,9: and 6,9


Here on this Map. How do I add them to my PZ world that I am building tile by tile?





I would also need to mod that Veg Map so I could alter the road :???:


EDIT: Found the Veg Map. Hope this Works.



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Seems world Ed only lets me add another row. Not just a single line of cells South.






The Demensions of the objects that would be needed to make were 300 x 1800 ?


EDIT: Ok I am ruling that out. I have been messing with the VEG PNG files and Modifying the World size. Meshing the PNG's and whatnot, No Luck. Damn



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dude yessss this looks awesome! if I knew how to use tilezed id deff help you out, im dying for creative mode though cause i want to make my own huge maps haha,


I am still trying to see how to add that bottom row without messing everything up here. This is quite hard. I did figure out how to remove some things though lol


Sieben Created this Massive Stadium that I am going to use. It is So Big though!!






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Created this Massive Stadium




I'm pretty certain that you didn't create that.






Did you not see His name Right above it?

I edited the line so you won't get confused again, yes?




doings gods work here


Thank you Sir! I really want this map to kick ass!

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Which one do you think is the best?


The Last one is the best. I love the Strings you Made!!! I will let you know how long the bridge needs to be in tiles. : )


It is actually a whole Square So... 300 Long? Look at post #10 for reference. It would have to cross the entire tile. Block 4,2 shows how far the water is. When I get to work I will Count the tiles. The Bridge you have made is going from north to south. I would need it to go east to west.


Looks very cool!


Thank You!!



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It's cool to see you working on a bigger map now! Good luck!


I appreciate that. I really wanted the get the feel of the program first, and after working on Louisiana for a while, I think that this map will be really great. I will see if some people wouldn't mind making some buildings here and there. I can try my hand at it in Tiled but I am horrible with roofs and whatnot lol



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>Stadium is getting tweaked. Going to put some shrubbery soon.

>Going to put some shrubbery soon.

>some shrubbery soon.





I am trying to think of how I want to approach the outside of the Stadium. I have trees there but wanted the green grass. So I am debating on how to mesh everything together. :D



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Dude!! You are AmAZINg!! I am going to drop this in now and show you picture. (updated the Op to thank you for the hard work) ;)






Dressing it up as we speak. I Also did a Little Work around the stadium for Foliage ;)




The hardest part is finding a pattern that looks good. I think in the rear of the stadium leading to the beach I will put some small soccer fields too ;)



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Small Update. On the east side of the river, If you were to come in to Cali from there. You would run into this small town. You would have the option of Going to the river if need be, but this entrance you would have to pass through if wanting to take the street.




Thank Jela331

For the Outside Shed by the Military post. Also for the Busstops used in the Map. I love how they can add a little character to the streets.

Neutralnz1 built the Checkpoint ;)




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