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Mash's secret project.


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OK we need to build a large wooden raccoon with a hidden compartment, so that we can hide inside. We then need to leave the raccoon outside of Mashpotato's home as a great big cute gift that no one could resist. Once she takes the raccoon into her home we wait until she is asleep, then we all jump out from the hidden compartment and seize the holly laptop of secrets.


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There's a new clansystem that includes seven clans, there's a morality system, and there are 5 new endings, depending on what choices you make. The zombies will be changed to vampires. The PC and the NPC's too. Oh, and the name of the game will be changed to "Vamboid The Mash-querade."

That's gotten even me all excited
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Ill take a guess.


We haven't had an update to the map in a while and mash was populating the outskirts of Louisville with buildings if I remember correctly, Mash also said on twitter recently about finishing a large chunk of something and onto the next one.


So maybe a large chunk of Louisville to come out with the release of creative mode? :)


Its been a year since we last heard about Louisville, I would like some information on its progress at least!




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..., the yellow dildo's seen online...

They are already in the game and called 'Banana'. :huh:


No, seriously, where are you surfing? (tophat)


I used to see them all the time on servers, normally a hacker would go in and change the names.


"Banana" would become "Yellow dildo," oranges would become "Ghetto Buttplug," etc.

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My bet is the introduction of roads which are no longer tile based, instead they will be polygons which can point in any direction.


+ Roundabout.


Do they have roundabouts in the US?

i don't know why i think they don't?

well i think there might be one in New York?


We do (ha, they'll catch on to me being Canadian), but they're much less magical than Britian's.






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