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LAN Server Setting Help


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 Hello, everyone! 


I have been trying to start a LAN server to play the game with my wife. We've got it working, we're both able to play on the server. Method used is files downloaded from SteamCMD and I have ports 16261-16270 TCP/UDP open on my router. Just in case that's relevant.


I know there's PZServerSettings.exe in the Steam files for Project Zomboid that you use to change some of the settings. I copied that and a file that was associated with it to my server folder, started it there and saved the settings into the same folder. 


Is that all that needs done to change the settings? How can I confirm that what I set is being used? 


I'm also curious about how to change other server settings, such as password. 


I've tried to search for the answers to some of the questions here and haven't been able to find anything that really helps. Maybe I'm using weird terms or something for my searches or just looking for the wrong thing. So, I figured I'd just ask the other questions I hadn't searched for yet in here if I'm already asking for help. 


Thanks a lot for your answers!

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I believe I have found the answer to the other question I asked. For anyone else who may search and end up here, the answer for the password bit is in USERNAME\Zomboid\Server\servertest.ini


Where USERNAME is the name used on your computer. There's also a bunch of other stuff in there, so that's nice.


Also, thank you daorkboypl.

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