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Items need more features: crowbar, bleach, berries, clothing, rotten food, ...

The Good Noob

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Yes, this is a Wish List but i think it could help to improve the game.


- Crowbar only works like weapon, but its primary use should be as window or doors opener. I don't know the coding mechanichs of opening them, but crowbar could make a little improvement. 

I think that also could be added lock picks. There is a thieve profession already in the game, so it should not be very far from the ambient of the game. Ok, before the apocalypse you were a decent person, but in this dark days you need to learn how to get in that houses without alerting every zombi in a block around, dont you?


- Bleach only seems to work us suicidal weapon, but the rain water collected turns poisoned after i while. So, it is easy to purify. Also should work for cleaning blood stains or decompose zombi rotting corpses.

Returning to the water, in any survival kit you would find some purifier tablets, maybe some filters. 


- Berries only gives food and some of them can poison you. I was a little disappointed when I saw the didn't have any extra efect. They could work as some of the drugs you can find (betabloquers, hipnotic, pain killers), with some little boost efects. It would give the game more fun. You can prepare yourself before doing some things. They could be by simply ingestion or need some preparation, like a berry tea. Also other herbs (forraged stuff) or spices (found in the kitchens).


- Clothing its too plain. I mean it gives you a temperature protection, but IMO could be a great terrain of improvement. Some examples could be shoes: running shoes with a little improve to the sprint hability, soft shoes with a little noise reduction for stealth players, hard boots with a little injury resistance to feet located attacks (especially from crawlers, you know, that creepy bastards), etc. In the same words leather jackets shouldnt be so difficult to find and could give a little armor like boots, also weather protection. Rain-coats or plastic ponchos against getting wet, etc. You can see a poor hobo making himself a rain poncho with a garbage bag with some holes. I dont mean avoid it, but delay it perhaps. There are some special working tissues that give protection against cuts for workers, and so on. Also a climbing harness would be helpfull, I hate to broke my legs when repairing the house.


- Rotten food. They say the Devs are preparing farm animals. Well, they usually are feed in this way. Also, rotten food is a very good ingredient for making compost, what reminds me that we need a compost bin, could be done with recipe and carpenter and agriculture levels. That compost bin could recicle also zombis corpses too.


- Toys don't have any effect. They could have a recreational use that could fight the boredom or the sadness.


- Traps are too dificult to build because sometimes the recipes simply don't appear in your map. So you have a lost hability. A good posibility could be zombi traps. I have mentioned in other thread, punji traps are a classic that could give a use for that wooden spears:


We could have them in holes or use stakes in the base of the walls to prevent the zombis to get them. Also could be some alarm-traps, like wired cans that alerts you when zombis cross the line, very easy to build. Other traps could be made with the mirrors that nobody uses, like zombi atractors or reverse scarecrows (something that calls zombis attention till they destroy it). 


- Worms. If you are not in West Point they are simply useless. Oh, well, you say you can eat them, but at what cost. Ok, lets make them useful to the compost bin said above. Or let's go beyond, what about other bugs for fishing bait. Some recreational (jar of fireflies), some useful like bees, beehive, honey and wax that could be forraged.


- Spirits. The whiskey bottle has three uses, but lacks of the use as fuel. Also would be nice to have an alambic to brew alcohol. We are in Kentucky, for Brooks' sake, it may be in some backyard hut hidden.


- Fishes could be breeded and farmed, in home aquariums or fishing tanks. You would need a high fishing level also, but it shouldnt be imposible to acquaculture them.


I have another things in my wish list, but don't exist in the game by this momment. 


- Bow and arrows, Crossbow and bolts. Slingshot. Some handmade, some found. I have read they are a possible Yes. I hope it is true. It is very unrealistic that you can make stairs, furniture, primitive axes, and can not make a simple bow. Or to think that in a small town of the US surrounded by woods you won't find any hunting bows or xbows somewhere.


- Nail gun. For carpentry and as a gun. Ammo would waste the precious nails.

- Irrigation hose, or something like that. Come on, there are very simple leaking systems that anybody with a little agriculture knowledge could make.


- Machetes. Need to say anything else? C'mon, what is a zombi apocalipse without machetes or hatchets? What to say about the iconic katana. Who does want to see the zombi apocalypse if you can not do it with a katana? There would be to types. Wall-hangers (decorative reproductions), are easy to find in teen-agers rooms, decent damage, quick attack, bad durability as a kitchen knife. In the other hand, a hard to find item would be a real sword, aka "battle ready", difficult to find from collectors, pawn shops or sports asociations, with good damage, quick attack and very good durability.


- Compass and/or some kind of maps. They should not act has a minimap. Instead, it could give you the posibility of marking a place and would give a signal indicating it when you go away.


- Riot gear. I can't believe you can not find some riot shields, batons or riot vest in the police office. Also light-flares or smoke-flares. Night vision device would be also in police office or in hunters houses.


- I should not mention the silencer or supressor, but I think it is not so bad idea if making them requires a high gunning level and/or recipes. They would not be suitable for all weapons only for pistols maybe. And they only would reduce the sound, not making them silent.


- Other things I miss from the game are the posibility of recycle for making small things, like nails. Also habilities like tannery for the future hipothetically hunted animals fur.


- Aerogenerator also should be a good item, and can be made by anyone with a little electronic skill. Maybe solar pannels could be from the pre-apocalypsis.


- Last words for taming animals, companions and so on. They say the Devs ... but you know, we the customers would appreciate this feature confirmed ;) . Also, wild feral animals, to hunt and to fear. They don't need to be "zombificable". A wild animal is a risk by itself. They should have a AI that gives them the ability to escape from any noise.


I have read about a lot of good features but they are other people ideas and I have commented in the respective threads. If i have good feedback from this post I have other ideas to share, but only if the community likes the previous. 


Thanks for the game, it is very good. I only want it to be better in the future.





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Those suggestions seem pretty good as far as my knowledge goes. I seem to remember a few of them already having been suggested though. It might be a good idea to click on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner to conduct a search to see if it's already been suggested once or twice or thrice or eleven more times. The climbing harness is a good idea. You could make very good use of one of them. Here's something archery related (Warning! Not for vegetarians!) http://aviationweek.typepad.com/ares/2007/04/why_wear_body_a.html

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I think clothes ought to be more than just heat, but it should reduce your speed, and have a protection factor for both the enviroment and against scratches/zeds


I would like more clothing options like wearing jewlery and such. Also more containers you could wear. Having two backpacks one up front and one on your back should be doable.


Wagons/luggage bags/etc

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Bleach already works for cleaning bloodstains. Or cleaning liquid. I can't remember. I have both in my base so I can test it out for you if need be. I believe there was some way to do that that was recently added..




@Crowbar YES! I've been hoping that would be a feature, therefore that is my favorite suggestion.


Edit: I saw Bow.. Nevermind. Bows would be THE best ranged weapon because guns hardly kill a thing unless your skills are high, and they just attract a million zombies to wherever it was fired from.

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for the most i like it, but there are a couple of things i can't agree with:
i can't see bleach as a way to clean water, ever. bleach can poison water, nothing else. also, purifier tablets would be a bit op, i still never ever heard about anyone dying from thirst, making that even easier shouldn't be possible in my opinion.
the next update will add more depht to the erbs, it's confirmed that medial herbes will be in it.
zombie bodies in the compost bin doesn't sound like a great idea, i feel like it would make fertilizer way too easy to product and i feel like a disease infected body wouldn't be a great thing to be left decomposing.

on the traps i have to make a digression: i can't agree on the "lost ability" definition since you can have it if you pick the proper job (i think), the game is meant to have lost abilities though. you can't just be a master in everything, you'll need help. the devs are strongly against one man armies. the skills will get more and more specialized as the developement goes on. i started with build 31, and there anyone could cook anything and build fishing materials, then with build 32 we had recipie books for cooking and building fishing materials, and recipie books for bombs, they are set to very rare because you're not meant to master everything, you need to specialize. if you could just farm, set up traps, fish and scavenge for canned food, then you'd never ever ever fear to starve.
so i'm strongly against the idea of traps that you can build without a recipie or the proper job. so it's a "yes, but with the proper job/recipie book"

i'm also strongly against using alcohol as a fuel, it's just a bad idea, you'd break any engine in a single use

fish breeding is a lovely idea and i never thought about it. +1

bow and arrows are a confirmed yes and i can't wait, but don't think that it would be easier than using a gun, sadly it's not.

marking the map is a possible yes iirc: you'll have a map of the city and you'll be able to write on it, so it will be up to you to mark your actual location, no help from the game.

riot gear yes but very very very rare, it's op af, and i think night vision is completely out of place in a game like this one

i skipped a couple, that means i don't have nothing to say and i  agree on those

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If you can't see bleach purifiying water you are blind, my friend. Bleach is a step stone in water treatment for making it suitable for drinking. Use google.


I dont understand what do you say about thirst dying. In the game or in real life?


Traps and other skills. Again you are wrong. I dont want a one man army. I play in our server with 5 friends, we have a tasks distribution. We only can get vegetables for eating, not meat, because anyone is a hunter. No electricity because no one is engineer. No etc. Your point makes no sense. Every one has to get 2 or 3 tasks because we are only 5 persons and usually only can play together 2 or 3.


I am not against the use of recipes, only their scarcity ammount. It is ridiculous. In the whole Muldraugh we only got 1 recipe. The traps could have other use. If we can't get animals, well, but we could get defense against zombies, perhaps.


Alcohol as fuel is one of three uses. The problem is that we can not get enough fuel. If the gas station could provide fuel, we wouldnt need alcohol as fuel. I dont mind to break an engine that I can not use because I cant get gas as fuel.


I don't want bow and arrows easier to use. But they won't be so noisy and also you could make your ammo from the forest. So I think it can be a big deal.


The tagging on the map I expected should be more useful. I am the scout of my group and after some walks outside I can manage myself to get orientated, but my pals don't. A map and a compass could be guiding system that could bring an arrow in the border of the window. It is only a minor idea.


Riot gear I agree should be rare. Don't know what op af means, sorry. Night vision could be a easy feature, it is similar to "cat's eyes" but only have to paint in green what the players sees by this way.


Thanks for your opinions. May be with this discussions we can improve the game all together.

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thanks, i hope it's clear i'm just stating and i don't wanna impose anything :)

about bleach, well, consider i never had chemistry class, i stuedied latin and greek mostly, but i'm going to fix that in the next years by studying medicine (i hope). that's why i might be wrong on this one, i miss most of the basic stuff of chemistry.

speaking about gameplay, i feel like boiling the water is easy enough as it is of now.

what i meant with the thirst is that in game i never heard on anyone ever having problems with water, even people that can't build rain barrels, so i think it would hurt the game to make it easier to gather pure water.


i'm pretty aware that anyone should adapt to at least 2 or 3 skills depending on the size of the group, but having the skillbooks common would take away any reasons for other jobs that aren't related to carpentry, medicine or weapons. you really wouldn't ever need to pick a chef, just start as a carpenter and loot the bookstore, you'll be a skilled trap maker, chef, bomb maker, fisherman and even electricist capable of using generators in no time.

even though it's a pain, the rarity of the skillbooks gives a reason for professions like fisherman or chef or electrician to exist, otherwise it would make no sense to ever ever choose them.

about alcohol as a fuel i'm a bit more confident (more than i was on bleach), i had a friend that tried to run his motorbike with rhum, he had to change the whole engine after a single use. alcohol is based on sugar, if you burn it you'll create a lot of problems. you may use some kind of oils that acutally can burn and can be used as fuel, but they tend to break the engine on the long term and the pollute A LOT (real life problem, but in game i wouldn't care XD)

but the main point to fix fuel distribution would be to be able to siphon it, wich i strongly recommended when the version 32 and sadly never made it into the game. too bad. well, there is a mod you can easily add that fixes this (note that the fuel from the gas station isn't infinite, so don't take it for granted)

i agree on bows, even though discussions here tend to focus on the fact that hand made bows should be bad at endurance too, requiring some skills before crafting a good one. i have mixed feelings on this, the line between something overpowered and something useless is pretty thin.

tagging on the map as i described it is hella useful, you know the way around, you just need to find some maps and mark them yourself, with arrows, destinations and everything, there's no way your friends will get lost ;)

also, they'll have to hide in a room while they scavenge if they want to check the map safely, that will add a lot of immersion, i can assure that. i felt that even by opening the map online that enigma linked you in the other thread, it will be even better with an in game map.

op af stands for overpowered as fuck, thinking in gameplay perspective, zombies are already not enough of a challenge even in groups of 20, so this needs to be thought really well (it's already a maybe by the devs), it needs to be useful but not exploitable. again, the line between overpowered and useless is thin at times.

i know that adding the night vision could be easy, but i feel like it would be a bit out of place, it's not something common at all, and nights are already pretty clear, think about the fact that the game should be about average people, i can't see an average person going around with a night vision, not in the early 90's. i'm not against it, i just feel that it's out of place. and it should need batteries to make it work

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It is clear we have an opinion of our own each.  :P


Rhum it is not alcohol, it is alcohol + sugar. The sugar destroyed that cycle engine, not the alcohol. There are a lot of buses in my town running with bio-ethanol, a mix of gas and alcohol. 


The water problem still stands, for cooking and so on. It is not only drinking. It doesn't matter, anyway, it is not the main idea of the post.

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then i might be wrong on the alcohol part as well, ok.
what about anything else?
siphoning is still the easiest way to fix the fuel issue

water is way too easy to gather, and you'll need clean water just for drinking, since you can use tainted water for cooking with no problems in game and i can't think for any other use at the moment. maybe just extinguishing fires, but again tainted water is just fine for that. oh and watering the plants for farming, but tainted water is fine for that as well

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Another idea, this one for a item that already exists, wet towels. After you use them, they are useless junk. One option could be the chance to dry them, by putting them near the campfire or any other way. Other option could be use them as fire estinguisher. When you have a fire without control you can set it off easier with the wet towels or some sort of use for them.


Also, I have seen that there are other bugs for fishing bait, only a matter of forraging level, I see.

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And what about crafting a torch, like basic survival item. Primary use: gives you light. Secondary use: you can light on the campfire or other materials, like a zombi infected forest or the curtains of a house to burn it up. Tertiary use, like a blunt weapon with extra fire damage.

Crafting: branch + ragged clothes. For improved torch you can add gasoline or alcohol.

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Again, I am sorry for putting things as they come to my mind (it usually happens when I am playing, by the way :-D ). 


Tent kit could be used as a resting point, not only as sleeping point, as beds do. Also should cover from rain. They are features I can not understand are not aplied.


Also, the Tarp should be used as rain cover. You can set up your campament with some wooden sticks and the tarp, avoid the rain in the wild and keep going in your journey. 

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Another suggested feature for an item already in the game: sugar as infection profilactic. It is well known the use of sugar as antiseptic in wounds. The same principle acts when you make jam. The sugar prevents bacteriae to grow so, food don't get attacked by the germs. So, you should be able to use sugar as antiseptic when you heal your wounds. Perhaps it needs some first aid skill level, but should be avalaible.


I have to come back to the suppresors again. I have seen a pillow silencer mod and I think it is a great idea that Devs should considerer again for future builds. It is simply and again you can ask certain gun skill level to use, as you need to put accesories to your guns. There is the issue about the guns that, in a realistic way, could be at Knox County. It gives an aditional use for pillows and I like it.

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Ok, some may say it is easy to moan while we, the gamers, ask for the Devs. Some may say less saying and more moding. But I don't know a shit about moding, so I can't do it by myself. What I can do is tiping work and artwork.
Here are my helps for the devs:

The sprite for the katana


And some "coding":

item Katana
MaxRange = 1.5,
WeaponSprite = Katana,
MinAngle = 0.15,
Type = Weapon,
MinimumSwingTime = 2,5
KnockBackOnNoDeath = TRUE,
SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0.002,
Categories = Blade,
ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 40,
Weight = 1.2,
SplatNumber = 1,
PushBackMod = 0.4,
MaxDamage = 2.5,
SubCategory = Swinging,
AimingMod = 0.8,
ConditionMax = 18,
MaxHitCount = 2,
IsAimedHandWeapon = TRUE,
DoorDamage = 10,
IdleAnim = Idle_Weapon2,
SwingAnim = Bat,
CriticalChance = 30,
WeaponWeight = 1.7,
DisplayName = Katana,
MinRange = 0.61,
CloseKillMove = Jaw_Stab,
SwingTime = 2.5,
HitAngleMod = -30,
MinDamage = 1.5,
KnockdownMod = 2,
SplatBloodOnNoDeath = TRUE,
Icon = Katana_sprite,
RunAnim = Run_Weapon2,
TwoHandWeapon = TRUE,
TreeDamage = 2,
BreakSound = PZ_MetalSnap,


fixing Fix Katana
Require : Katana,

Fixer : Woodglue=2; Twine=1; BladeMaintenance=3,
Fixer : DuctTape=2; BladeMaintenance=3,
Fixer : Glue=2; Twine=1; BladeMaintenance=3,
Fixer : Scotchtape=4; BladeMaintenance=3,


Some may say it should be in Moding sub-forums, also. But as said before, I dunno a thing about moding or coding or so for the momment. Working on it. 



This one should be the Real Sword. For the Wallhanger it should need another coding more close to the kitchen knife, and if somebody like it, Ishould do a new sprite. 


The sprite is common creative open licensed to whoever want to use it. My gift to the community  ;)

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Ok, some may say it is easy to moan while we, the gamers, ask for the Devs. Some may say less saying and more moding. But I don't know a shit about moding, so I can't do it by myself. What I can do is tiping work and artwork.


Here are my helps for the devs:

The sprite for the katana


And some "coding":


Some may say it should be in Moding sub-forums, also. But as said before, I dunno a thing about moding or coding or so for the momment. Working on it. 


This one should be the Real Sword. For the Wallhanger it should need another coding more close to the kitchen knife, and if somebody like it, Ishould do a new sprite. 


The sprite is common creative open licensed to whoever want to use it. My gift to the community  ;)

Please help with art for the Hycorcraft mod.



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if you enjoy doing art I am sure Hydrocraft could use your contributions.

Well, I really dont enjoy, but when I need it I can try. 


I have been lurking the Mods subforums and it seems that a lot of features are already done. My problem is that are in diferents Mods, with some other features I dont like yet or some of them that collide in conflict. I will have to do some compendium work, it seems. Compendium It Yoursel, the say xD

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Ok, I see a good amount of my Wish List is already done in some Mods.


As a reminder for me and a guide for others I will put here what I have found:


- Crowbar, RoboMat made a good job with it and lockpicking here:


The lockpicking is not as complet as in Guy's Mod


but this last one is not compatible with it and they cannot operate together. 


- Bleach, I saw a previous version in Dry Towels that say it can clean water with bleach, but seems the modder took it away in latest versions. Would be nice if some coding-skilled member could give us the clue to make it.


I see in Hydrocraft that are purifying tablets, I will have a look on it because I havent find it yet.


- Berries and other herbs are now in the Build 33, so I wont say anymore till I see them. In Hydrocraft also are teas and something like that.


Clothing, again Hydrocraft's Mod give us some more items and some more features. I still miss some more features in some clothes, like hardened clothes against attacks, but I will wait before complaining. The climbing harness is the unique thing I have'nt seen. 


- No rotten food at the moment, but there is a compost bin in, again, Hydrocraft. I have not tried it yet.


Toys, the same, Hydrocraft.


Traps, there are some ideas of alarm traps in the forum, but nobody who make it. Since I saw other mods inside, I realize it could be more difficult for modders. No punji, no log stakes wall, no real use for the barbed wire for the momment. 


- For the rest of items I asked I have seen a nice bunch of them in the Hydrocraft mod: katana and machete, alambic, compass and map (but with no use), bow and arrows, nail gun, etc. The supressor has a nice mod named PillowSilencer, but gives a bunch of errors when I use other hand held weapons, so I don't recomend it.

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Ok, it is totally new and I don't know where to find in a Mod or the way it could be done.


Cold pack used as... cold pack. It could calm pain for a while. A lot of calm, but for a short period of time. 


I don't know how refrigeration and the blue cooling indicator works, but could be nice to know for modding it.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Ok, I found a way to circumvent some issues of the bleach. We will make a bleach solution and we will need a dosifier.



item Cologneempty

        Weight     = 0.1,
        Type     = Normal,
        DisplayName = Dosificator,
Icon         = Cologneempty,
item Purifyingsolution
        Weight     = 0.1,
        Type     = Drainable,
        UseDelta        = 0.001,
DisplayName = Bleach Solution,
Icon         = Bleachdosificator,
recipe Get Dosificator
    keep Fork,
destroy Cologne,
recipe Prepare Bleach Purifying Solution
destroy Cologneempty,

When we have this items we can use them to purify the water containers in this way


recipe Purify WaterBottleFull

destroy WaterBottleFull,

It is not the most elegant way to do it, but it works.

Here are the icons, the empty cologne bottle I think comes from the littering mod by Svarog or something like that. The PT has been modified, it comes from HC, I did not like the way the white cross seemed and I put a water drop instead.




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  • 3 weeks later...

Big +1 on both buffing the crowbar, and being able to open doors and windows with it.  If the wiki data is correct, it currently does less damage to zoms and doors than a baseball bat, which seems wrong to me.


I'd also like to see clothing have more of an effect on player damage, ie leather jackets and woolen sweaters being bite-resistant and wool being flame retardant.

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For the rest of items I asked I have seen a nice bunch of them in the Hydrocraft mod: katana and machete, alambic, compass and map (but with no use), bow and arrows, nail gun, etc. The supressor has a nice mod named PillowSilencer, but gives a bunch of errors when I use other hand held weapons, so I don't recomend it.

The compass does have a use. Particularly in multiplayer. You can give exact coordinates to a hidden unmarked base or use the compass and map if you were to get lost looking for your base

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