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The Most Extensive and Comprehensive Guide to Surviving The Apocalypse

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BayCon (Also known as El_Buhdai, or Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį) Presents...


Something I had been meaning to write for awhile but never had the time...


A guide so extensive, that it should be highly referred to...



Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį~βαɣƇᴑŋ's Extensive and Comprehensive Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse



Pre-Introduction Introduction


My goal with this is to make an almost fool-proof, community-made guide to surviving long amounts of time in Project Zomboid. I want it to cover almost every possible scenario, with steps and tools for how to stay alive when faced with as many specific dangers as possible. Clearly, I can't do this completely by myself, so your feedback, additions, and personal experience would be greatly appreciated as we try to make the very best Project Zomboid Survival Guide Available!




The moment you start up a new game in Project Zomboid, you've already lost. You won't survive. There is no hope at all, no reason you should believe that you will make it in the new world of death that you are placed in, but does that mean you should give up? Hell no! You may not be able to survive in Project Zombod, but you can at least extend your poor little character's life for as long as possible, and here's how. Let's get started.


10 Things You Will Need To Survive Where Others Would Surely Perish...


1. A sharp mind and quick wits

2. Knowledge that, no matter what your situation is, you are never safe from your inevitable death

3. A constant sense of constant caution, without ever getting cocky

4. The right equipment and the know-how to use it effectively and efficiently

5. Effective and efficient ways of getting what you need and don't have

6. The ability to think ahead about how your current actions, no matter how big or small, will affect your character down the line

7. Some level of stability, or at the very least a strong system or process for living on the run.

8. (Harsh Multiplayer Only) The ability to outsmart other players, and use their lives as potential sacrifices for you or your group's.

9. Strategy and the motivation to plan for tomorrow, today..

10. Just good ole' fashioned, good friggin' luck...


You Can't Know How To Survive, Unless You Know All the Ways You Can Die


It only makes sense, right? Know all the ways you can die, and figure out every possible way to prevent those things from happening. Simple, right? Well, not quite. Here are a list of as many possible ways you can die (If I miss something or add one that isn't true, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.). There are plenty of ways you can die in each of these categories, but I wanted to keep them small in numbers and go into more detail with each of them individually. They are bound to change due to feedback, here they are..


[Zombies + Zombie Infection]

[illness + From Food + From Tainted Water]

[Non-Zombie-Related Cuts, Gashes, and Wounds + Infection + Blood Loss]

[Fatal Burns]

[Fractures and Broken Bones, Falling Too Far]

[Lack of Food And/Or Water]

[Other Players + Peer Player-Inflicted Injuries]




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I have a suggestion, always check the ovens off,

and always have a firearm in your main inventory, it can save your life.


Ayyy the widely famous PZ-NOOB!! Nice to see you. I'll take that note. I myself never really consider using firearms because anything but a shotgun hardly drops a single zed unless your skills are high, and they just attract hundreds more (I play on high or insane). Although, I can create tips for how to effectively use your gun without getting yourself killed, if that's anyone's type of thing. I'll be adding links to seperate topics regarding each of the ways you can die, and certain other things I'll be adding later on. 

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Guns are for people. Sneaking is for zombies. (Melee causes noise, so unless you knife or go 1v1 it might take longer than you want)


Remember bombs have a huge blast, and cause massive bleeding. And yes they burn everything.


Smoke bombs are super effective, and don't cause fires.


Generators can be used indoors as an effective key to keep your valuables safe from looters. You can carry over your weight limit if you have lots of empty cans then fill them with gas the only penalty for weight is speed.


Nails are rare, sheet rope is plentiful. Make log walls where you can. Zombies can't climb, but you can. Keep sheet rope if you need to make a speedy get away or a safe entrance.


Farms can be placed on roofs, and with sheet rope entrances your crops are secured! You can deconstruct stairs with sledges. To deny zombie access, or asset denial for when you log off. Remove stairs, place goods upstairs, remove any sheet rope.

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