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why is pz dead?


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Is it dead? I think now is more alive than ever, last build the game merged with steam, and at this very moment there are 4 branches merging together with awesome new features coming for the next already anounced no ETA build 33. So... what's really the question here? :D

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Well multiplayer games suffer from this generally. You need people on the servers to attract people to the servers, which is a chicken and egg problem :D

This happens with every multiplayer game which doesn't have the userbase of big games like DayZ, H1Z1, Terraria, Minecraft, etc. If Zomboid sells 3 times what it has so far, then maybe we'd have a shot at super-active servers.

Perhaps it being an Early Access game partly puts people off, partly it being a 2D isometric game, partly it being a hardcore survival game, partly being a long time in development, etc etc etc. There's no simple answer. I hope that once we hit 1.0 we'll see an influx of activity from a lot of our players who've perhaps not played for a while, waiting for it to come out of Early Access.

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Most people I know who play it complain that the game feels unfinished and is too easy, the primary threat is zombies but they are really not much of a threat. People always suggest a speed setting between fast shamblers and sprinters and I think it is the answer. When you are max fatigue + weight you can still escape fast shamblers. A faster speed setting would put an end to that so you can actually get caught and die...

Also the prevalence of hacking related to character backups / duping, makes multiplayer a very poor experience when really it should be fun, because this is a really fun game to play on multiplayer. Just once you find out people are cheating without much consequence it leaves a bad taste in players mouths very quickly.

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Its far from dead. Ofc the player base its not super huge but as for EA game + indie its good. If your referring to MP then:

1) most players play single player or on private servers.

2) build 32 is old, number of players will peak again when they release build 33 soonish TM.

3) Server browser is... lets say "not perfect". There is a lot servers on the list but you cant hide empty ones, thats why you cant find more active servers.

4) If your looking for good active and frendly server type Spiffo when you look for server (filter).

Have Fun

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well so sad i guess i have to wait for the full game to release thanks for the reply guys, no matter what i just love pz and i will always do :)

Thankyou for being decent and friendly in this thread, by the way - it's appreciated. I was kind of expecting something... different to transpire when I clicked it :D I hope that we can tempt you into keeping an eye on the game as we roll out updates - each major update tends to cause bursts of activity - so it may not be completely necessary to wait until 1.0 :)

Thanks :)

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well so sad i guess i have to wait for the full game to release thanks for the reply guys, no matter what i just love pz and i will always do :)

If you dont own the game its still worth it. Single player alone will give you a lot of hours of fun.

But if you have the game and just seek some major updates wait for b33 or dl hydrocraft mode and join a server that use it.

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They pretty much summed up everything I was gonna say. A lot of people, because the game is in Early Access, are immediately turned off by the game without giving it a fair shot. Also, the video and screenies on the store page or HORRIBLY dated and show a much less complete game. I'd been meaning to create a thread about that on its own. The store page also has a grammar error. So basically, from what I've observed, it comes down to a few things:


1. EA; been in development for 4 years

2. Hardcore and relentless survival

3. Devs give no ETA and some people think they are slow

4. Some people can't get their minds off of those flipping NPC's

5. NPC's... (lol they are a big one) and the removal of other appreciated features from early on.

6. Another huge one: the isometric world thing. It doesn't have graphics with excess lighting and 3D rendering of the world like on most survival games these days.

7. The dated and somewhat less-than professional store page shows an imcomplete game that, to put it as bluntly as possible, based on the screenshots and video, looks like trash. The feature list is even dated; the latest feature on it being erosion (I think). Heck, before I even bought the game I thought it looked like garbage because of the videos and screenshots. I only bought it for the feature list at that time and because it was on my ex girlfriend's wishlist. I guess you can sum that one up with "Poor/Lackluster Advertizing Techniques".

8. The multiplayer experience is not as full as the singleplayer experience in some ways.

9. This and #8 are the reasons I don't play on servers: Servers losing kids to school. Numbers might swell again during long breaks, and after larger updates (as stated).

10. Servers for PZ are a pain to port forward and host; you need the base port and a download port for every freaking player slot. If it were simpler like some other games, perhaps there would be more servers to play.


To the OP: I too, expected this to be another morale attack on the developers, which they don't need any more of. I think we all appreciate your friendliness. :)  :) <3

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Lots of things, really:


As Gonfalon says, the server list is one of the main things I consider to have hurt MP.


But the Steam release's ease of server creation might also be part of it: there are now about 300 public servers. Of these 300, only 30 see anyone playing regularly. Many people have opted to create their own rather than play on other people's.


Several big game releases have also happened the last two months, and Fallout 4 is appraoching.


There's also the typical fall semester stealing away people's attentions.


Updates are also a bit bigger and a bit slower as 1.0 slowly approaches for PZ.


Then there's just a lack of new players due to going a few months without a Steam sale.


Finally, only people who actually own the game can play on Steam servers.


Disagree though, Jack: MP is now a one-and-done for cheaters. If you do it, and you get caught, we can easily persecute. Increased logging for things like item drops also facilitates this. It's pretty secure at this point.

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I don't mind, I've had so much fun when the servers were full to the brim so I really enjoyed it. Especially the chaos originally starting in a fixed spawn point and getting killed the second you spawn.  (clyde) So many memories already. 

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