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Contagion - Kickstarter


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The Devs of "Zombie Panic Source" and "No more Room in Hell" , two mods for Half Life 2 , which where quite a lot of fun ( you should test them ! ) are going to make a new game , called Contagion.

Kickstarter Site: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monochromellc/contagion


Its a First Person Koop/pvp Zombie Shooter and I hope they get all the strechgoals to 150k ( we dont need console adaption :o ). ZPS and NMRIN had the right feeling combining FPS-Shooter and George a Romero Zombies ( Left4Dead is a great game , but i just dont like sprinters ). What do you think ?

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The maps arent randomly generated , but the waypoints , the loot , npcs and everything :D Zps, No more room in Hell and Contaigon arent what you expect when you hear coop zombie shooter. Its not gun and run , shooting thousands of zombies. Its having a few bullets running away from zonks , barricading and melee combat mostly

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