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[Hamachi][PVP][Mods][32.30][WP/M + South Muldraugh + Bedford Falls + Drayton + New Denver + TWD Prison][US-SE][3xXP] Sykrisses Light RP Server


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Hey guys, I've got a Hamachi server up and running for anyone who would like to join. Me and a friend have been playing for a while together and I figured it would make things much more interesting if there were more than just us two online at one time, so here I am! There are quite a few mods and a lot of various towns you can explore that make for a very varied experience.



- Do not randomly kill others. PVP is enabled, however, you must announce that you are attacking someone else by typing in global chat /attack <playername>.


- If you plan on raiding an encampment, you must type /raid <playername>. The player name in this case can be any survivor inside of the base you are raiding.


- If you are assisting in a raid, you must type /raidassist <raidleader>. The raid leader is the one who initiated the raid by typing /raid. 


- Sledgehammers cannot be used when raiding; only when making fortifications.


- If you have PVP enabled, you are considered a raider; other players may attempt to kill you on sight if you have a weapon out and are not combating zombies.


- Respect other players. 


- There is a light RP atmosphere in this server. You will be required to act in a somewhat realistic manner. Consider your actions and words, as well as potential reactions of other survivors in a realistic setting.


- Last but not least, have fun!


Mod list:

Additional Skill Books


Spraypaint Mod


Guy's Mod


inSayne Electrics

Extended Building Options

More Zombie Loot

Civilian MREs


bcUtils 1.2

Hotbar 0.5.0


Hamachi server information:




Network name: SykrissesPZServer1

Password: 1


Network name: SykrissesPZServer2

Password: 2


Network name: SykrissesPZServer3

Password: 3


Network name: SykrissesPZServer4

Password: 4


You will need to have the -nosteam argument in your launch options to be able to connect.


Link for mod-pack:



Server settings (may change based on feedback):

SafeHouseRemovalTime=672 (28 days)
SandboxVars =
    Speed = 3, (Normal)
    Zombies = 3, (Normal)
    Distribution = 1, (Urban Concentrated)
    Survivors = 1, (Normal)
    DayLength = 2, (30 minutes)
    StartYear = 1,
    StartMonth = 7, (August)
    StartDay = 23,
    StartTime = 2,
-- the number of day before water shut off (-1 mean instant)
    WaterShutModifier = 365,
-- the number of day before elec shut off (-1 mean instant)
    ElecShutModifier = 365,
    FoodLoot = 2, (Rare)
    WeaponLoot = 2, (Rare)
    OtherLoot = 2, (Rare)
    Temperature = 3, (Normal)
    Rain = 3, (Normal)
    ErosionSpeed = 3, (Normal)
    XpMultiplier = 3, (3x XP)
    StatsDecrease = 4, (Slow)
    NatureAbundance = 4, (Quite Common)
    Alarm = 4, (Quite Rare)
    LockedHouses = 6, (Almost Always)
    FoodRotSpeed = 3, (Normal)
    FridgeFactor = 3, (Normal)
    Farming = 3, (Normal)
    LootRespawn = 5, (Every two months)
    ZombiesRespawn = 3, (Every week)
    StarterKit = false,
    TimeSinceApo = 1, (Normal)
    PlantResilience = 3, (Normal)
    PlantAbundance = 3, (Normal)
    EndRegen = 3, (Normal)
        Speed = 2, (Fast Shamblers)
        Strength = 3, (Weak)
        Toughness = 3, (Fragile)
        Transmission = 3, (No Transmission)
        Mortality = 5, (Irrelevant)
        Reanimate = 3, (1-3 Days)
        Cognition = 3, (Basic Navigation)
        Memory = 2, (Default)
        Decomp = 1, (Default; slows/weakens)
        Sight = 2, (Default)
        Hearing = 2, (Default)
        Smell = 2, (Default)
PopulationMultiplier=1.0 (Normal)
PopulationStartMultiplier=1.0 (Normal)
PopulationPeakMultiplier=1.5 (Normal)
PopulationPeakDay=28 (Normal)
RespawnHours=96.0 (4 days)
RespawnUnseenHours=96.0 (4 days)
RespawnMultiplier=0.1 (10%)
RedistributeHours=48.0 (2 days)
FollowSoundDistance=100 (Normal)

PM me if you have any troubles connecting and I will gladly assist you in solving the issue(s). I look forward to seeing you online! :)

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We're gonna join with 4 to 8 guys, i'll pm you for maybe 2 new networks :)


Sounds good! Server is up 24/7, I've just been sitting here for hours waiting for this fracture to heal :-|


Edit: Finally, after three weeks in-game I've gotten to a point where I can actually run at a reasonable rate. Man, fractures are no joke! Definitely going to adjust my base to prevent that from happening in the future, haha.

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so power and water are already shut off i guess? :D


No, it will be on for a year at the moment, but once the server gets a bit of a daily population I may think about shortening it. I'll update the OP with the server settings and sandboxvars.


Edit: Anyone want to join? Haven't had a single visitor since I brought the server up four days ago :(

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Did u close the server? Tried to connect :/


No, it's still up. I noticed a bunch of Recieved: 255s in console, were you getting an error when you were trying to connect?


Edit: upon further investigation of this, I've concluded that you were probably not using the -nosteam argument when you tried to connect. This is necessary when connecting Hamachi servers, just right click Project Zomboid in your Steam games list, click properties, then click the button called "Set launch options..." and in the box that pops up, type -nosteam. (without the period) You should be good to go after that! :)

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The server has been reset, zombie settings have been adjusted, and the map has been expanded to include Bedford Falls, New Denver, Drayton, and the Walking Dead Prison! Come one, come all! :D

Yeah, come and play with us :D

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Updated the server, adding my very own compatibility patch allowing use of ORGM guns with Hydrocraft hunting recipes, as well as updating Hydrocraft to 4.1. We have a small number of regular players, would love to see more of you guys online! :)

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Hey cool server man had some fun on it earlir I was just wondering how did you get the maps to work on your server I set up a server for me and my friend and for the life of me can't get a map to work on it


Are you using Hamachi or Steam? I can't access the admin tools to port forward on my router, so if you're using Steam, I'm not sure what to tell you. For Hamachi, there's a few steps involved.  I'll go through the steps as best I can.


Step 1. Download preferred map mod (I'll be using South Muldraugh as an example).


Step 2. Copy the "South Muldraugh" folder from the maps folder in the archive to the media/maps folder in your PZ installation directory. (Should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Zomboid if you have it on Steam)


Step 3. Go into the folder you just copied to your install directory, and move all the lotpack and lotheader files into the Muldraugh, KY folder. Leave every other file inside the South Muldraugh folder. There should be a thumb.png, spawnpoints.lua, objects.lua and map.info left.


Step 4. To allow players to spawn in the new region, you'll need to open up your <servername>_spawnregions.lua file and add this line below the line that specifies Muldraugh:

		{ name = "South Muldraugh, KY", file = "media/maps/South Muldraugh/spawnpoints.lua" },

That should be it! This same process applies for any other map mod, I just used South Muldraugh as an example. If you have any troubles, feel free to play on my server, as the more the merrier! Haha :P

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